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Its hard to be a baby

Night Nights

George has graduated to a blanket and pillow in his crib. He really wanted to take a pillow to bed with him, but a normal adult pillow was not an option. So we went to IKEA and got him a crib pillow and blanket. The pillow is maybe 1/2 an inch thick, so it makes me less nervous. The blanket is fluffy, but he does pretty well with it so far.



We have a video camera so I keep an eye on him and sometimes go in and move it around.Β Once he is out he doesn’t move much, so it hasn’t been an issue.

But sometimes I look and see this–where’s my baby?? πŸ™‚

covered up

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Friday Favs: Big Boy Seat

George got a new booster seat as a gift from his Auntie Vicki. We didn’t think he would be quite ready for it yet, but knew we would need the high chair for the new baby fairly soon.

Well, we were wrong. We opened the box and George carried the seat right over to the table and asked to ‘sit up.’ We gave him his snack and he did so well we let him try to have dinner at the table, too.

What a success! He handled it well and was so proud and happy to be at the table with mommy and daddy.

Clay and I couldn’t believe it. All through dinner were were like, ‘who is this little boy at the table with us?’

Its so surreal that he is sitting up there and feeding himself, eating with a fork and drinking out of a cup. We are in awe of all the growing and maturing he has done recently.




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Stroller Success!

We were looking for a double stroller that wasn’t too bulky and would work for the family for a long time. We settled on the city select stroller. It has 16 configurations and can be a single or double stroller. We loved it when we tried it at the store, but the $700 price tag was way to steep.

Craigslist to the rescue! We got a great deal and sold our other stroller (a city mini we also loved) to bring down the out of pocket cost. We have totally geeked out about this stroller and George loves his new “sit” (as he calls it).

Here it is all ready for 2!


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Time with Friends

George loves to spend time with his buddies. We went out for dinner one night and another night we had an impromtu breakfast for dinner with these two. That was followed by a bath and some pre-bed play time. There are some bath pictures that aren’t internet appropriate, but they sure are adorable. πŸ™‚

P.S. George is a total ham.



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Split Lip

Poor little George has his first injury with real blood a few weekends ago. We were at the hospital for a quick check of the baby (all was fine) and he fell and hit his little mouth of a window sill (don’t ask).

Poor guy didn’t even cry that much and got over it very quickly. The nurses were not amused, but brought us some gauze and we got him all cleaned up. He ate some ice and was back to normal in no time! And wow, little boys heal so fast.


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George’s Baby

In preparation of the new baby we have been doing a little work with George to get him used to the idea that he will have a brother. We aren’t expecting much, of course, becuase he is so little.

However, its amazing how much he picks up from books. So, Aunt Keela got him a book by Dr Sears to show what it will be like when the baby comes. It talks about co-sleeping, breastfeeding, sharing mommy and daddy and how babies cry. George loves the book and we read it most nights.

We also got him a baby of his own so that he could practice taking care of it. We found this one at ikea. We let him pick from all the dolls and he picked one that looked A LOT like him! Very funny. πŸ™‚

We also practice naming the body parts in English and Spanish. He can do almost every body part now in both!


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Friday Favs: Reading

We love, love, love story time. George is SO into books right now. We read about 5 every night and it will never be enough! We always get a ‘more’ after every one.

However, mommy’s lap space is at a premium right now. Its not the most comfortable, but George doesn’t seem to mind!


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Yearly Hershey Trip

We went to Hershey for our yearly Hershey trip. Sadly, it was raining and very crowded so we only did chocolate world and a very quick lunch. But, we did out traditional shots with the ride height charts! Here is George at 9 months and 20 months!

Its so cool to see him grow and change so much.

And of course, we had to get little Henry-to-be in there, too. Can’t wait to get both boys next year! George will be able to get on so many rides next year–my goodness!!





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Charlotte Visit: Discovery Place

Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures in Charlotte. As George has gotten more mobile and I’ve gotten LESS mobile picture taking has gone by the wayside. I’m excited to get back to it very soon when I’m back to my normal self.

While we were in Charlotte we went to Discovery place with Grandad Williams. That place is SO awesome. There are so many exhibits and George loved them all. His favorites were the tractor and the kitchen. He loved taking the pans in and out of the oven.

And we can’t underestimate the love of the red sports car!





Month by Month

Fun little picture of this pregnancy over the months. πŸ™‚

months and weeks


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