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Its hard to be a baby

Hays Family Reunion

This weekend we went up to PA for the Hays family reunion. We had such a great visit. It was the first time I had been to a reunion in many years, so it was nice to see the family all together.

George got to meet some cousins.

Alex is a little older and hard to keep up with!

Pick up some candy (and give it to Mommy–thanks, George!)

Get some family cuddles.

Then we did the traditional adult balloon toss.

Clay checking the integrity of our balloon.

I’m excited for next year when George will be running around and playing games with the bigger kids. He had a wonderful time!

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While Mommy’s at Work

Clay often sends me little pics of george form his phone while I am at work. Clay’s captions are also included. They always brightens my day!

“I drinks it all!”


“He is much bigger than last time he was in here”


“Soooo. This is happening now”


I always look forward to these little updates.


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On May 27th George was baptized! A friend of Keela’s took the pictures and she sent them over. Its great having these family pictures.

I had mixed feelings about the baptism, since I am not religious.  However, we were able to do it in a way that I was very comfortable with, at my family’s church, Apex United Methodist. My family is very involved in the church and it was the perfect place to do it.

Clay, Keela and Curt took our little man up  for the baptism. George has a program and is chowing down!

Keela and Curt are George’s god parents.

Nana (my mom) got him his little outfit–it was just perfect. I’m looking forward to having it framed. Thanks, Nana!

We went out to lunch afterwards and had a nice celebration of George.  It was a wonderful day for us and our families!

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Baby Cubes

I’ve had a blast making George’s baby food. I enjoy finding new foods for him and pureeing them into smooth little spoonfuls. He’s tried so many fun fruits and veggies so far! I make food every other week or so.

I start with my fruit/veggies. I try to get organic at least for the dirty dozen, but don’t always. My goal is to get him to try as much as possible–I really want him to enjoy many flavors.

First, I use my rice cooker to steam the fruits/veggies.

I received a baby bullet as a gift and I love it! Its smaller and more light weight that my food processor. Its so easy and processes the food quickly and efficiently.











I got these amazing ice cube trays that create perfect 1 ounce cubes.

Those little squares are so satisfying. I love to stack them.

After freezing them, I pop them out.

Bag them up.

And back into the freezer they go.

Weekly, I make a little menu for George. Each night, I look at the menu and take the cubes for the next day out of the freezer and put into the fridge to defrost. This way I can give him variety, introduce a new food every three days and use up the oldest cubes first.

George is a happy baby. I should have a picture of him happily eating some of homemade food. But instead, here is one of him contemplating a summer storm. 🙂



Big Boy Bath!

Last night was our first bath without the baby whale tub! George did great and had a blast.

He loved lying in the water to have his hair washed. He really did…but all the pictures with big smiles had his penis in them. Ha. Typical boy.

And he could NOT get enough of the water pouring out of the spout.

Bath time just got even more fun! Next time I’m going to bust out all the bath toys we have in the closet. 🙂


Doing the Dishes

As mentioned before, George is very helpful with chores.

He has now graduated to dishes. He just crawled on over and started helping!

He was so excited to get up and see inside! He got up there all by himself and starting rolling the rack back and forth. He was in heaven.

Is this where the soap goes?

Does this thing REALLY need to stay in here?

That mommy person is always thwarting me…

But I guess she is pretty fun anyway.

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Bittersweet: First Haircut

Hard decisions!

George’s hair was getting in his eyes all the time. But George’s hair is also his signature! We knew it needed cut for his comfort, but it is so luscious I couldn’t imagine removing any of it. I might have cried a little when we pulled up to the salon. Maybe.

I found this little place called Pigtails and Crewcuts that does a first hair cut package and has special chairs in the shape of cars. And those chairs were a HUGE success. Just check out this little man driving his firetruck HERE.

We need to get him a toy with a steering wheel ASAP!

George was SO well behaved. He was sweet and gave us many smiles.

We had to get some before pictures of the craziest hair.

From the back:

The wings:

During the cut (with daddy taking a peek).

The wings: wet.

All smiles!

Some after shots.

Could this baby be any more awesome? Man, do I love him.

Any we got this awesome certificate with his name, the date and his little clippings.

The clippings are his little wings! To be honest, I do miss those crazy things. 🙂


Cutie with a Cup


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Have I mentioned I can’t bring myself to cut George’s hair??

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Before and After

What a difference a bath makes!


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