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Its hard to be a baby

Making Friends

Way back when I was pregnant (feels like a different life…probably because it was!) I met another pregnant lady named Sam. It was great to have a preggo buddy to hang out with and share those common complaints. Really…is this NORMAL? That type of thing.

And now, we both have our boys! And we are still sharing war stories. By war, I mean boob/poop stories. Ha.

George and H met when they were VERY tiny.

Oh my gosh, I miss that monster onesie. Sigh. I can’t believe how different they look!

And they FINALLY got to see each other again. We live kind of far away so we planned a little picnic on a weekend.

SO cute.

They will be great friends.

I love their little butts in their jeans!!

It wore my little man out!


Oh Aunt Kelly

You are a bad influence. And George loves it.

And Uncle Curt just allows this to go on (and mommy just takes pictures).

Luckily, Vicki was there to save him.

George is so happy to such a wonderful extended family. He is going to be SPOILED.



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Uncle Curt came up for a visit. We love having Uncle Curt. He is such an easy houseguest. And so sweet! He even babysat George and laid mulch in our front yard.

He is so good with George, too. George kept looking at him like, “you are like my daddy, but a little different.”

I love this one, they are both looking at clay like, what?

We want Uncle Curt to come back soon!!


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We are in trouble!

He started on the playmat…



Parenting Tools

Clay has got this parenting thing down.

Baby is fussy, what do you do?

Step 1. Baby likes to be outside. Take baby outside.

Step 2. Give baby a toy.

Step 3. Set baby on head. Change baby’s perspective.

Uh oh.

Step 4.  Cuddle.


Aaaand that brings us to Step 5. Start over. With Drink.


With Mom and Dad

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Round and Round

As a favor for my baby shower here in DC, my wonderful friends put together a CD of songs that guests chose when they RSVP’ed. It was such a nice gift, I listen to it all the time. Several people sent the Joni Mitchell song The Circle Game–and it was in my head the whole time George went on his first carousel this weekend!

We went to Wheaton park with George’s great grandfather and his wife Gail. The weather was simply gorgeous!

And they even got in on the carousel action!

We also walked around the park and went on a train ride.

When we got home that night George slept 11 hours, only barley waking up to feed one time. We totally wore him out, but he loved it. 🙂





We love how interactive George is becoming. When I hold him and have a glass, he just wants to grab it and put it in his mouth. So, we decided he was ready to try a sippy cup with mama’s milk.

The perfect time is during meals. We put him in his high chair and he can go to town and feel like he is part of the party.

thinking about it…

not quite!

thats the idea!!

Now if we could just get him to read the paper without getting drool on it!


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One of the true pleasures of growing a baby is when cute things that seemed ENORMOUS a few months ago now fit perfectly.

Love these little shoes.

And this little face is even better!



When I was pregnant I would look at those exesaucer things and think…I will NEVER have one of those tacky things in my house.

Ha. How things have changed. I no longer see tacky, only super FUN.

I spent way too much time thinking about how to get one of these things used. I mentioned in passing to a friend  that I was looking for one and she was nice enough to bring her daughter’s up out of their basement for our use! Amazing!

George LOVES it.

We set a timer for 10 min so he doesn’t stay in too long. But he gets tired around then anyway!

He makes these really serious noises when trying to get to the toys. Its adorable.

You can just see the concentration!!

And yes. His hair is greasy. The kid needed a bath, what can I say.


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