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Its hard to be a baby

First Dentist Appt!

George had his first dentist appt on 12/3/14. He did incredibly well. He sat on my lap and let the doctor look at and count his teeth. He even got a cleaning with his choice of tooth paste flavor. He listened to every word the doctor said and was thrilled to get a goody bag at the end–I don’t think he was expecting that!




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Hyattsville Carnival!

After a whirlwind trip to PA, we made a quick stop at the carnival before it closed. George did amazing! He rode all the rides with no fear. Even when he got his finger stuck in one of the holes on a ride (which cut him when the attendant tried to pull him out of the seat) he was over it in a minute and on to the next ride!

He even got in the bounce house and bounced with the big kids. One of the big kids threw him over a wall he was struggling with–I ran to the other side and he was laying there laughing and laughing! He is getting braver. What fun!





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Movie night!

We had the carlyles over for movie night last Friday! We had pizza and popcorn and watched frozen. It was really fun!

George does super well with movies. His attention span is growing all the time. I’ve noticed this in other areas of play (he is very good about finishing stuff when he starts it–sometimes this is hard when we have to do other things!). It was pretty cool to see it in action. And it’s also exciting because I feel very confident that he could sit through a movie at the theater or we could take him to a live show.

Henry only watched for a few minutes, of course. Haha.

George also surprises me with his memory. After he had seen frozen only one time, we would act out sections of the movie. And when we were coloring the other day, he drew a snow man and called him Olaf. He has many of his books memorized and calls me out if I try to skip a page (bad mommy!). Sigh.

So much fun to see my boy growing, changing, learning and becoming a little man!





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Henry tries Solids!

When Henry turned 6 months we decided to try solids. He loves to eat–so surprise there. He has had bananas, avocado, peas and mango so far. And he is eating oatmeal, too. He likes it all. So different than George!

I got this exciting machine that makes food bags, which is great for daycare. I can just freeze up a ton of food and its easy transport. They tell me he is eating very well at Sunshine as well!








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First Day at Daycare!

Henry had his first day of daycare on Feb 3rd. Previously, he had been with a nanny at home. It was a hard transition for me, but Henry is doing great. We feel so lucky that we are able to send Henry to the same daycare that George goes to. George really likes having him there and I can see them getting closer. Plus, we know and trust our caregivers already so there was no adjustment.

He is much more sleepy at night! But other than that, he is doing wonderfully.



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Ice Skating!

George and I did some ice skating. Well, I did some ice skating and George moved on the ice holding onto his penguin and looking a little worried. His favorite part was getting ice cream after. He thought the sprinkles all over his face were hilarious. And his favorite flavor is chocolate, just like his daddy.

He did awesome for being so little and we are going to do lessons next fall! So excited.



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Friday Favs: Pee Pee in the Potty!

The other night, Clay and I were engrossed in conversation while getting George ready for his bath. All of a sudden George said, ‘I did it!’ and showed us that he had peed in the potty.

He kept saying ‘Hooray, Hooray’ which exactly what it says in the potty book my mom got him for Christmas. Its amazing how much sinks in from books! Whenever I want George to learn something I buy a book about it. Its worked for new brother, manners and now, potty.

Of course, this was a one time thing and we are no where NEAR trying to potty train him. We just have the potty set up casually and he is free to try it as he pleases. We are taking cues from him and will wait until he is completely ready–which I imagine is many months or even a year (or more) away. 🙂 20131231-081427.jpg

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Christmas Day!

We had the most wonderful Christmas day! We woke George up (we couldn’t wait anymore…) and headed downstairs.

Henry, George and I waited on the stairs while Daddy checked to see if Santa had come…and he did!!

George was so thrilled to see all the presents–all sitting in a wagon from Uncle Curt. He walked up and said, ‘that mine?’ and pointed to each present. By the end he was saying, ‘more presents!’

We opened for elisurely over several hours because George wanted to play with each thing, it was so nice! We ate breakfast and then opened more! Henry mostly slept through it all…

George and Henry exchanged little bears from IKEA. They were a hit with both of them. Henry loves to suck on his. George gave it to Henry saying ‘HERE!’ and shoving it into the swing while he was sleeping. Pretty hilarious.

George can’t wait for Santa to come next year!







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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so much fun. It was just the 4 of us, all cozy in our little home.

George and I spent the evening making cookies for Santa–he LOVES to help me bake so this was extra special time for us.

Then we all opened our Christmas Jammies and got ready for bed. We set out the cookies and milk for Santa, read some special Christmas stories (grinch!) and went to sleep to wait for Santa to arrive…








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A Visit to Santa!

We took an exciting trip to see Santa! We used Santa Fast Pass and even though we went on a Saturday morning we were able to skip the line and get done in 5 minutes!

We talked to George about Santa for days leading up to the event. He was SO excited, but once he was on his lap he was a little wary. But he still loves Santa! When Santa visited daycare he gave him a high five.

Most common responses when asked what he wants for Christmas:

1. Pizza

2. A Blanket



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