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Its hard to be a baby

Bjorn means bear

The first time Clay put George in the baby bjorn was so cute–and he looked so much like a real baby. Oh my gosh, we are parents.

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Eat baby eat!

George and I had a rocky start to the breastfeeding. It was tough to get a latch going and he got jaundiced because he wasn’t getting enough to eat. It was really stressful. But after a lot of appts with women grabbing my boobs and me not caring at all (all modesty went out the window at birth) we FINALLY got him going and he cleared up. These pictures really show how yellow he was, but it cleared up once he was feeding properly.

My poor little dude.  This is the swaddle (miracle blanket) we used quite a lot. He slept all the time and was hard to awake for feedings.

He also enjoyed some down time in his swing, but was mostly in our arms.

The first week was so tough, but all I wanted to do was hold and love on him. One night mom and I were sitting on the couch and I was holding him and she said ‘I hear a lot of kissing going on over there.’ I didn’t even realize it, but I was kissing him all over non-stop! Couldn’t help it.

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Swallowing Pride

These pics are hard to post because I look exhausted and George is so yellow because he wasn’t eating…but oh well. It’s all part of the journey! My hand it all purple from the IV, too. Awesome.

But at least the christmas decorations look good!

The new family…looking very happy and tired (and one of us a little chunky).

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Great Great Day

On the second day of his life, George got to meet someone very few get to meet, his great-great grandma Rosie. She hates having her picture taken, but she let us get a few of her holding her new grandchild.

She and my Nan came down to visit and we were so happy to see them. I feel very lucky to have so much family to share our little baby with on a regular basis.

George and Rosie

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George Shows Up

I know that all women say this…but we felt like it took forever for George to hurry up and come out. And I really have no right to say that since he came out in 4.5 hours 2 days early. I was dilated for a few weeks before he came and we were SO impatient. Clay said it felt like seeing a wrapped christmas present under the tree and having no idea when he would be allowed to open it. And Clay takes Christmas very seriously.

I worked all day that Wednesday and felt normal. In fact, I wasn’t even have the braxton hicks I was having for the past few weeks (and that caused a false run to the hospital). When I got home, mom and I went and ran a few errands. My lower back was hurting by the time we were done and there was a little bleeding. I didn’t think much of it, but mom did. I made dinner and went to take a shower around 9pm.

My water broke at 9:30pm and I had my first REAL contraction right after that. WOW, it was totally different than a braxton hicks. We got ready to go and messed around a bit. Clay jumped up and down. My contractions got close really fast–and mom was like–you all need to GO.

We made it to the hospital at around 10:30p and I was still only 3cm! I couldn’t believe it. My contractions were now 30 sec apart and lasting over a min…how was I only at a 3cm? I was in so much pain and not getting a break so I asked for an epidural. But, by the time they got in the room to place it I was having tons of pressure. They checked me again and I was at 7cm. I gained 4cm in less than an hour.  About 30 min after that I was complete.They gave me something to take the edge off, but I didn’t get the true epidural until I was about to push. They let me contract for awhile to bring the baby down and I started pushing around 1:25am, and he was born at 1:54am. Whew!

Then he was here…


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