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Its hard to be a baby

What I Wake up to…

Since George has started sleeping in 8 hour stretches (sometimes more) I have started waking up before him. He sleeps from about 9-11:30p, has a big feeding and goes down again about midnight.

I usually wake up before him and roll over to see this…


He is such a sweetheart. I do some blog reading and email until I hear him stir and roll over to see this…


Then our day begins!

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Sweet Carolina

On our trip back to NC, the state really put its game face on and made us miss home so much! It was so green and lush and just a slower pace of life. Grandma Williams held a sip and see for him in Charlotte and tons of folks came over and loved on George. They also couldn’t believe that Clay is now a daddy! (And don’t even get me started on all the food…)

We also got to visit with family. George met his great grandparents (Clay’s maternal grant parents) the Horns. They also recorded an amazing book for him, where they read the story as we turn the pages. It bring tears to my eyes every time. Its so special to have that memory for George.










And his cousin Madeline (you’ll have to trust me that its her since I didn’t get any shots of her face, George was too busy flirting with her):

The whole family!

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Bath time

George loooves a bath. It makes me excited that he likes the water so much. I can’t wait for swim lessons.

A lot of the time he just gets in the shower with me or clay, but for some really fun times, we get out the whale tub. He had a blast splashing and kicking.


And then we had some nakey time and a little baby massage. I’ll tell you, this kid has it rough.


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Winkle Winkle

Toys have really become essential lately. And I know we are only going to have more fun as the weeks and months go by.

Right now, George has mastered picking up toys and getting them to his mouth. He likes to bat, grab and play with hanging objects. We can lay him on his activity mat and he will coo, babble and laugh forever!


The winkle is a new addition to the favorite toy pile. But it is NO Mr. Bee. Nothing can replace Mr. Bee.


This is George’s first true love. Sure, mommy and daddy are fine, too. I guess. 🙂

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Just Hair


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The Big 2-0

No, George isn’t 20 yet, but my little baby sister is! I can remember when she was George’s age. Its crazy. She is an incredible young woman. She is at NCSU for Zoology and is traveling all over. Her love of animals has led her to intern at the Conservators Center where she works with big cats. She is also president of the herpetology club (yep, reptiles). I’m so proud of her it hurts!

We had a great night at Humble Pie, a restaurant in Raleigh. The food was super delicious.  And George was SUPER well-behaved. Here is with the birthday girl:

And with his Nana (my momma):

He can’t wait for his first birthday, when he actually gets to eat some cake!




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Reading in the car

We are driving back home now and George and I have been having a blast with some new books we got in NC. He is really into them.



He is grabbing the books and clumsily turning pages. He especially liked the page with the cars, while my favorite was the page with the cupcakes. Yum. Maybe we need to stop and eat soon.


Swinging at grandma Williams house

George has had a great time in NC for the first time. He had two visitations with all our NC friends. And he is exhausted! More pics to come…


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Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day

So, like Liz Lemon, George is not a fan of Valentine’s Day. So sad.

He would like to get out of the red and white outfit and celebrate February 14 as the birthday of Women’s Civil Rights leader Anna Howard Shaw. He is MY son after all.

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George has some seriously awesome hair and it has only gotten better as it has gotten longer. We can’t even comb it down successfully anymore.

But admittedly, in this pic, we didn’t even try…



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