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Its hard to be a baby

Night Nights

on September 30, 2013

George has graduated to a blanket and pillow in his crib. He really wanted to take a pillow to bed with him, but a normal adult pillow was not an option. So we went to IKEA and got him a crib pillow and blanket. The pillow is maybe 1/2 an inch thick, so it makes me less nervous. The blanket is fluffy, but he does pretty well with it so far.



We have a video camera so I keep an eye on him and sometimes go in and move it around. Once he is out he doesn’t move much, so it hasn’t been an issue.

But sometimes I look and see this–where’s my baby?? 🙂

covered up


One response to “Night Nights

  1. Chris says:

    I have a sheet that has corners for the bottom of the crib. It looks like a top sheet too! Two in one! I used that and a blanket.

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