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Daddy’s Birthday

Clay’s birthday was yesterday and we had a blast. He got some great gifts–including a Hawaiian shirt from George (and George got one for himself, too!). We decided to go out to dinner, just the two of us. That morning, I was talking to a co worker in the elevator and he just had his two year wedding anniversary. They had gone to a fancy resturant, and he told his wife they better enjoy it before they have kids.

Its SO true.

But I’ll tell you, we might not have gone to super fancy DC restaurant, but good old Outback was pretty fun. It’s 5 minutes away from our house, so we could be back quick if needed. And Clay got an awesome meal.

And he ate it ALL!

After dinner we called our friends who were sitting with George and asked if we could have a little more time and go to target. They told us to go for it! So, we walked on over. And we were like teenagers in there! We held hands and played around–and looked at all aisles we don’t get to when we have George! It was a sweet evening. And a reminder that Clay and I really like each other! 🙂

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

George was hanging with Ben and Elise!

It was so nice of them to come and watch George for us. Yay!

Then we had cake and sang. Perfect end to a perfect evening.


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Solid Solid Food

On May 17th, at just over 5.5 months, George had his very first taste of food!

I pureed some avocado and mixed it with a little breastmilk. It was actually really tasty.  And we stored some away for his next few meals.

He ate it like a champ! And grabbed the spoon for more!

He took big bites and swallowed most of it. We are starting with just one meal a day and will move up to two in a few weeks. I’m excited to try new foods. We are waiting three days between new purees.

He wasn’t even too messy after! But we did have to have a bath–because it was in all that hair of his! 🙂

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George makes chores so much slower more fun!

He’s getting good! But still wants to eat the clothes instead of fold them…

Luckily he is pretty cute, so oh well.



Road Rash

Clay likes to bike.


So proud of himself. But oh, how the mighty have fallen. Literally.




We got him all cleaned up and some whiskey in him. He’s doing just fine now. Though I think those will smart for quite awhile!!

And since this is technically a blog about George, I must include a pic of my sweet boy. 🙂




Our friend Saunders got some great shots of our little family of three at Easter. It was a gorgeous day!

Those azaleas were just amazing!

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George when he was super, super tiny.

his head got swallowed up in my neck!

This one cracks me up, I’m looking at him like, ‘did I really make you?’

Its nice having him a little bigger now. Lots less scary!!

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Mother’s Day Weekend!

My first mother’s day was a blast. Our little family celebrated on Saturday. Clay made me breakfast in bed and took me to my fav place in the world–Cheesetique–for lunch. We shared an amazing cheese board outside on their patio. George was so well behaved, just perfect. Clay even got me a carvel cake. He just filled the day with all my favorites. 🙂

On Sunday we went up to PA to see some family. First we saw the Rigels. They are my maternal grandparents, George’s great grandparents.

And I LOVE the face George is making in this one!  He looks like his great grandma! And it was pretty bright out there.

After that visit, we headed over to see George’s GREAT GREAT grandma. This is my dad’s grandma. She HATES to have her picture taken and only allows it on very rare occasions, but luckily, she lets me take them of her and George. It is very special. And I think she looks pretty amazing.

These just make my heart feel good.

George is so lucky to have so much family to love him so dearly.



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The Mohawk: From all angles




Fun Weekend

Our weekends have been so busy! This past weekend, we enjoyed the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, a neighborhood Vine Crawl and brunch with friends.

The sheep and wool festival was great. We saw working dogs herding sheep, little lambs and delicious food. Kim and Mike were with us, and Kim got some great pics.

Brunch on Sunday at Cork was delicious. George got passed around among many lovely ladies, and cuddled them all! He is a ladies man already.

George loves his little Mr. Carrot.

Of course we had some relaxing time at home, too. Time with my little family beats everything else. We have been spending a lot of time in George’s nursery, laying on the floor and talking while he rolls around and laughs at us. So much fun!


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