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Its hard to be a baby

George’s Baby

on September 23, 2013

In preparation of the new baby we have been doing a little work with George to get him used to the idea that he will have a brother. We aren’t expecting much, of course, becuase he is so little.

However, its amazing how much he picks up from books. So, Aunt Keela got him a book by Dr Sears to show what it will be like when the baby comes. It talks about co-sleeping, breastfeeding, sharing mommy and daddy and how babies cry. George loves the book and we read it most nights.

We also got him a baby of his own so that he could practice taking care of it. We found this one at ikea. We let him pick from all the dolls and he picked one that looked A LOT like him! Very funny. 🙂

We also practice naming the body parts in English and Spanish. He can do almost every body part now in both!



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