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Yes, I Wash Diapers

My cloth diapering aspirations started when I got pregnant. I got on the mommy blogs and saw these adorable fluffy butts liiike…

…and was hooked. I wasn’t afraid of touching poop or pee and when I did the math (savings of about about 3 grand over 3 years), it just made sense.

I sold my textbooks and started my stash through amazon. As baby time approached, I got more and more nervous. When he was actually born I was WAY too overwhelmed to actually think about it…besides he was too small for the pockets I had anyway.

uh-oh! I was too small!

But, when he was about 8 weeks, we gave it a go! And it has been going great. I have about 20 pockets diapers (most are fuzzibunz, but I have some g diapers, bumgenius and rumparooz as well). I am happy with all the brands (although the rumparooz are a little too fluffy at this point and he has now outgrown the small g diapers). The washing process is really not difficult.

I wash every other day and let them soak, do a pre wash, then a heavy wash with tide, then an extra rinse. It sounds like a lot of steps, but its not a big deal.

Then, they hang to dry in the basement. I plan to hang them outside when it gets warm.

The big blue thing is the large wet bag we put the dirties in. After they dry, they get stuffed (inserts into pocket) and they go back into the drawer in the nursery. This is a very empty  drawer, since they were all hanging on the rack. Ha.

We are not at all die hard and still use disposables about 10% of the time. We do use them less and less, though.

Some things I recommend/notes about cloth diapering:

1. We have two large wet bags  so we can switch them out and wash them with the load of diapers

2. I also keep a small wet bag in my diaper bag so I have something to put dirty cloth in when out

3. A diaper sprayer is a must

4. Only certain diaper creams can be used. I got California baby, although he hasn’t had diaper rash, so I haven’t used it

5. I did a TON of research on fancy special cloth diaper laundry soap and just ended up using Tide. Its been great.

6. Cloth diaper blogs/vlogs are really helpful for free info on getting started (, cloth diaper channel on youtube)

So, that’s the long and short of it. We are loving not spending money on diapers. George is happy, we are happy. Doesn’t get any better than that!

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Back To Work

I am back at work this week, doing part time in the office and part time at home. I am actually really enjoying work and only missing one feeding with George. Clay is giving him a bottle of pumped milk for that feeding. He isn’t crazy about the bottle, but hopefully will get used to it as time goes on. I am pumping at work and thats going really well. The lactation room at my office is REALLY nice. I’m keeping a pumping log of how much I’m getting so I will notice right away if my supply is dropping off. Right now I’m pumping 8+ ounces, which is more than he is eating with the bottle. Yay! I also have around 225 ounces in the freezer, so we should be good to go for a long while.

He naps for most of the morning time that I am gone and I love to hug and squeeze him when I get back. Feels so good to have him in my arms!

Its nice to enjoy our evenings hanging out. I love his fluffy cloth butt in this one…a post on our switch to cloth is coming up soon! Its been about a month since we switched and its been going very well.

We also went to George’s audiologist appt yesterday, but we didn’t really learn anything new. He still has fluid (or wax) in his ears making his ear drums very stiff and he failed the screening again (no surprise since the fluid is still there). On monday we will go to another appointment and he will have an ENT doctor look at his ears to see what is going on in there. Then, he will have a Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test. This will determine if he has sensorineural loss or just the conductive (fluid/wax) loss.

He has to be totally asleep for this test since they cannot sedate babies so young. We have a big block of time and will need to sleep deprive him so he will pass out at the office.  He is pretty easy to put to sleep (I did it at yesterday’s appt) so I think it will be okay. Fingers crossed that all goes well!


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