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Its hard to be a baby

First poop

Daddy has the honor of changing the first poopy diaper. Follow by a hug and a nap.




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Carolina Fan

After running around his room with his basketball shouting ‘GO CAROLINA’ and ‘BEAT DUKE’ he had to take his basketball to bed with him. And mommy even had to kiss it goodnight.

This is how he fell asleep.



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Stroller Success!

We were looking for a double stroller that wasn’t too bulky and would work for the family for a long time. We settled on the city select stroller. It has 16 configurations and can be a single or double stroller. We loved it when we tried it at the store, but the $700 price tag was way to steep.

Craigslist to the rescue! We got a great deal and sold our other stroller (a city mini we also loved) to bring down the out of pocket cost. We have totally geeked out about this stroller and George loves his new “sit” (as he calls it).

Here it is all ready for 2!


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Talking up a storm!!

George is gaining an incredible number of new words everyday in both English and Spanish. He is simply amazing. He can say all his body parts, call all his grandparents by their various names and even called Clay’s brother “Uncle Curt!” He says all his friends names at daycare, too. He also tells us when he is peeing and pooping in his diaper by saying ‘poo poo.’

He is also putting words together into phrases 2-3 words long. He says ‘go get dada’ when I pick him up at daycare on the way to pick up Clay at the metro. He loved to say, “Hi/bye Sue” to grandma williams’ dog.

George also speaks in a lot of long streams of conversation that we don’t quite understand. Its so hard to know he is telling me something very specific and not be able to quite make it out! But he gets better everyday.

My list of English words is up to about 60 and Spanish words is about 10 (including Te Amo <3).

His comprehension is also greatly increased. Its so much fun!!




George loves to play basketball. Inside and out, small hoop or large.

I was out on the patio watching him shoot the ball over and over this weekend. I would clap and cheer for him every time, but if he didn’t make the shot he would turn around, point at me and say, “no!”

It cracked me up.






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You know its a good day when…

blueThanks to Shani for the picture!

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5th Haircut!

George got his 5th haircut over the weekend. Clay was out of town so George and I headed out to Pigtails and Crewcuts before Clay could take the beard trimmer to his head again.

George just LOVES that place. They have a train table, he got to sit in an airplane chair and even had his first lollipop. He sat quietly and patiently for his entire haircut–the stylist couldn’t get over it! He only cried when we had to leave, he just wanted to stay and play.

After the haircut I took my handsome boy out on a date. We had a great time eating and playing at Red Robin and even did some shopping at the mall. While we missed daddy very much, it was great to have some alone time with my boy!





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Brush brushy brush

George loves to brush his teeth. We brush our teeth together every morning. He lets me brush his teeth first and then he brushes his own. He also likes to brush mine from time to time.

George has 12 teeth (going on 14). We use a little kid friendly tooth paste and a fun little tooth brush. He also drinks water and pretends to spit. He is such a good brusher!!




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All done

George loves to say ‘all done’ about all sorts of things. But the latest thing he is ‘all done’ with is nursing.

I could tell that my supply was waning a bit in the last few weeks, but G didn’t seem to mind. He was still nursing 2-3 times per day. Then one day Clay brought him in for his morning session and he said ‘no.’ He asked for aqua instead and ran off to play. I offered it to him several times, but he wasn’t interested.  Clay (jokingly) told me not to be pathetic. 🙂

Well, I cried the whole way to work. How’s that for not pathetic? Ha.

He nursed off and on for the next few week, but definitely shorter sessions. Then finally, he just stopped. He stopped asking and I stopped offering.

I know 18 months is a long time to nurse to most people, but it still makes me sad. I think that if I wasn’t pregnant we would have continued longer and that is hard for me to think about. I imagine that he will ask to nurse when he sees the new baby nursing–he still ‘pretends’ to nurse when I’m topless around him (like in the bath).  I just don’t make a big deal about it because there is nothing to make a deal out of–if he wants to, he can.

I am proud that he had nothing but breast milk for the first 6 months and we didn’t introduce cow’s milk until 13 months old. And that we had our very special bed and morning times until 18 months. It was a hard road at the beginning and I learned so much about myself in the process.

But, the thing I am most proud of is that he was ready. There was really no transition at all. No crying (well, not for George), no engorgement problems for me–it happened completely on its own. It made it a very peaceful experience–the term ‘weaning’ doesn’t even really apply.

Clay is so proud of George, too. He is such a big boy and he is finding independence all on his own. We couldn’t be happier (but mommy is still a little sad, too).


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Over the past few weeks George has improved so much with eating. He is eating more, more variety and all by himself.

These improvements made our trip to Hawaii so much easier!

Here is is enjoying several delicious items on our trip. 🙂





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