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Its hard to be a baby

Daddy’s Beard

Clay’s beard is a wonderful thing to me. In fact, I didn’t see him without a beard until well after we were married. He looks handsome without one, too, of course. But I am a big beard fan.

And George is with me on this one. Whenever Clay is holding George his hands are in his beard. He is fascinated. And it is ADORABLE.

The special daddy/son bond is one of my new favorite things to watch.

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Alcy love

Alcy is so sweet with George. They are going to be best buds!





Happy Birthday Nana!

Happy birthday to my wonderful mother and George’s Nana!

Mom, you have always been more than I could ask for.  Your support has been never-ending, along with your love. Having you here after George was born was amazing and I will always be grateful that we shared that time together. I love our phone calls and weekends together. Thanks for keeping me in cool clothes, listening to me babble on about this or that and always having my back. I couldn’t live without your advice. Thanks for giving me my really neat sister and fostering our relationship. And for getting my sense of humor. One thing is certain, you are LOVED. Unconditionally.

We hope you have a wonderful day and we love you!

(and thanks to Keela for the pics!)

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Spit bubbles

George’s drooling has really picked up in the last few weeks. He loves to chew his hands and put everything in his mouth. No teeth showing, yet! Just the early signs. Considering I was like 20 when I got my first tooth (okay, 14 months, but still) maybe George will get teeth at the normal time.

Although, we are in no rush! I like a gummy baby–especially for nursing!


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Somethings Fishy

My mom and I have a very close birthday. I never realized that since her birthday was 8 days after I was born that she didn’t really get a birthday that year. I totally took over! I know when George was 8 days old I didn’t know top from bottom, let alone what day it was. Sorry mom! 🙂

Well, now its fun that we have such a close birthday. And we celebrated in style this year. We shopped and then went out to dinner, but I didn’t get any really good pictures because of the lighting. This one turned out okay.

And this one is just funny…

But no birthday girls to be seen!

The next day, we went to get a fish pedicure and it was so neat! It tickled. At first I didn’t think I would make 15 minutes, but then I got used to it. Mom had a little trouble at first too…

The little guys really went to town–it was the morning so they were hungry.

And in the end, we had pretty toes and happy ladies.

At both the restaurant and the salon they asked my mom if George was her baby. Made Nana feel good! 🙂

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Sleepy Head

George can fall asleep anywhere. In fact, as I type, he has fallen asleep next to me. He will be talking up a storm, then he quiets down and the next time I look over he is out. He does nap in his bed most of the time, though!

One night, when Clay was working on unclogging our sink (that was an adventure) and George was ‘helping.’ But he wore himself out…

I walked into the kitchen and snapped these…I love his spread eagle position. I’ll spare you the ones I took that show clay’s plumber’s butt. They have that phrase for a reason. Wow.

He also fell asleep the other day on the chair with his daddy. Apparently this was an ‘accident’ and then he just couldn’t put him in his crib because he didn’t want to disturb him. Yeah…because Clay hates reading with a sleeping baby in his arms.

He sleeps 8-9 hours a night and takes great naps. We are so lucky to have such a good little sleeper.

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A Cherry on Top

My birthday was yesterday and I had the best day.

We took George down to see the cherry blossoms and it was just gorgeous.

Clay was a real sweetheart.

He didn’t even get on my case for taking a thousand pics.

But how could I not take a thousand pics? My two handsome boys are just too much fun! George loved the trees and I love our new little family.

Not to mention our beautiful city.


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Just me and George

This weekend George and spent our first night alone. Clay went to NC to take care of some stuff at our rental townhouse. I was a little nervous about having him all by myself for two days, but it was fine. We missed daddy, of course!

It’s nice to know I can do it on my own (for a short time). But it also made me appreciate just how nice it is to have such an involved parenting partner. I was definitely ready for Clay to come home so I could take a break.

We did so much! I catalogued my freezer milk stash, organized baby clothes, washed clothes and diapers, cleaned the house and got coupons together. We also had some friends over for lunch (I made shepards pie for st patty’s day), went to the park with a neighbor and went out to dinner with different friends. It was a really nice weekend.

But the best part was Saturday afternoon. Our friends had left and George and I went up to his room. I laid him down for his nap and read in the glider while listening to him talk to himself and drift off to sleep. His bedroom window was open and the weather was gorgeous. I just LOVE spring. I felt totally content–a sleeping baby, a good book and a soft breeze. Love.


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Breakin’ the Rules

I read the sign.

Then I look over to see this.

Bad daddy.

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Just Sitting Around

Babies are pretty incredible. One day, I sit George in the bumbo and he can’t really keep his head up. The next, he’s sitting like a pro.

George LOVES his daddy. As soon as Clay walked in the room I lost his attention…

Then daddy walked over to open the window and George still couldn’t take his eyes off him! It was a great opportunity to get a hair shot.

Okay Mom, that was fun, but I need to get to work…bring me my files!


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