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Its hard to be a baby

5 months old!

Henry is 5 months old. His personality is beginning to shine! He is the most jolly, happy guy. Just wonderful! He has had quite a month with some big changes!


Size: Henry is just overall a big boy. He is long and chubby. Although, I think he is getting a little less chucky and lengthening more. My estimate is that he is about 19-20 pounds. That is about 6 pounds over what George weighed at the same age. I’m sure he is also quite a bit longer. Henry is wearing 12 months clothes now, mainly for length. They are a little wide for him, but I need to be able to snap the onesies! He is still in size 3 diapers.



Sleep: No major changes in this area. Still not sleeping in super long stretches. He likes to wake up. Sigh. We put him down around 8pm and he sleeping to sometime between 1am and 3am. Then he is up every 2-3 hours after that. He naps at daycare and at home pretty well. He usually sleeps for 1-2 hours, once at 9am (or so) and once at 1pm (or so).


Eating: Oh, does my boy love to eat. He is a great nurser and I love, love, love nursing him. He is starting to play and interact while he nurses, which is always so much fun. I remember nursing got a lot easier with George around this age, and its the same. Henry can latch pretty much on his own. He gets two bottles a day at daycare and usually has 10-12 ounces. I am pumping about 10-12 with 2 pumps and have not even touched my back up stash yet. My concerns about keeping up seem to have been unfounded!


Temperament: Jolly. This boy smiles at EVERYONE. He is so flirty and friendly. He loves to do big belly laughs. All I have to do is look at him and I get a smile and a giggle. He thinks George is the funniest thing ever. His laugh is infectious and gets us all going! He even laughs in his sleep. He puts everything in his mouth–everything–and still loves the paci. I am trying to use it less and less…but we will see.


Milestones: Amazing! He can sit up on his own for short periods (although a hand to catch him needs to be available!). He can roll back and forth easily now and is starting to roll to get to places.  I can see that he is starting to think about crawling…his little mind is working and trying to get to things. He babbles and blows bubbles. He is getting some great consonant sounds. He has found his little feet and loves to play with them–although since his belly is chubby he has trouble getting them to his mouth. He turns when you say “Henry” and imitates sounds that you make. This is amazing, since George couldn’t hear at this age and wasn’t doing this stuff–the difference is SO striking. 


And of course, he got his first haircut this month!

Brothers: Still awesome! Sometimes he clearly wants attention when we are paying attention to Henry, but we just make sure to cuddle him and give him lots of attention when this happens. George has made me so proud. He clearly loves Henry and knows that he belongs to him. Watching George and Henry play is just incredible!



4 Months!

Henry is now 4 months old! Wow! Its amazing how much they change from that 3 to 4 month mark.


Size:  At his 4 month appt Henry weighed 17lbs 10 ounces (88th) and was 26.25 inches (88th). So yes, a very large baby. He is wearing size 3 diapers (like his big bro) and is wearing 9 months clothing. Lots of little kissable rolls. And those rolls need cleaned! Haha. That’s new!


Sleep: Pretty much the same here. Sleeping in 4-6 hour stretches at night. He goes down easily and can sleep with a lot of noise. But, he likes to wake up at night and nurse and get some mommy snuggles. His naps are starting to be more consistent during the day so we are moving toward a schedule. No rush, but it will be nice! The wait it out method is working well for us right now!


Eating: Still my stellar nursling! He goes 2-4 hours between feedings 24 hours a day. Haha. With maybe one longer stretch at night.  I am still pumping and he does well on the bottle when I go into the office. He will start daycare soon and hopefully this will continue.


Temperament: Henry is a wonderful little guy. When he is not sick he is the happiest baby. Just sweet and easy going. When he was sick it was so hard because he was so needy, so it was clear just how bad he felt. Just heartbreaking. He is still using the paci and its working well. He is pretty orally fixated so it really helps him sleep.


Milestones: Doing great! He loves to stand, is a great supported sitter, plays with toys and loves to talk. He is imitating sounds like ‘uh-oh’ or ‘mamamamama’ or ‘babababa’ which is pretty cool!  And he always has his hands in his mouth! He is finally doing the mini push up–I think he had some trouble with this because he is so fat. 🙂 He is still rolling from back to front, but isn’t doing belly to back yet. He is SUCH a smiley and happy baby. His face just lights up when you talk to him. Such a joy.




Brothers: Still going very, very well. George always wants to know where Henry is and often shows affection for him. Most of the time, its just normal. There are some issues with the high chair because George doesn’t like when Henry sits in it during dinner, but this only happens once in awhile.  And sometimes there is some jealousy with toys, but all in all, still going smoothly. Henry has been such a wonderful and sweet addition to our family!



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3 months!

I’m a little late on this one with the holidays, but here is my little guy at 3 months!


Size: HUGE. Henry is at least 16 pounds and probably closer to 17. Hard to tell on our home scale, but we will know for sure at his 4 month appt in a few weeks! He is growing out of his size 2 diapers and will probably be in size 3 after this new box runs out. That means that he and George will be wearing the same size diaper. Wow.


Henry is wearing 6 or 9 month clothing depending on the item. But I think I’m going to have to move him out of 6 month completely soon (Carter’s 6 month stuff still fits well, though). I just can’t get over how different  this is! He is my little fatty. Love his rolls and his ham hock legs.


Sleep: He is doing very well in this area. He is sleeping in 4-6 hour blocks at night now and goes down really easily. He isn’t on a schedule yet, but is starting to move into a routine. He naps at around 9am, then again around 1pm, then again around 5pm. Then goes down for his first long stretch around 9:30pm–sometimes. Other times he has this burst of energy around 10pm and  talks, moves and goes crazy! Its adorable.


We are just following his lead right now. When he goes to daycare at about 4.5 months we are going to start more of a schedule. We are dreading it a little because morning nap means that our weekends will be restricted again until he drops it in a year or so! Oh well. A good routine and well rested child is totally worth it. And we are SUPER excited for a regular bedtime–and you can’t have that without regular naps!

Eating: This kid loves the boob. He is stretching to every three hours during the day pretty regularly, but mommy needs to be around after 2 hours just in case! We also use nursing to help him calm down or relax, so he is very much an on demand feeder. And he loves to demand!


I go to the office 1 day per week and pump on those days. Henry has a bottle at home with the nanny. He takes a bottle well. I have been building my stash up for when he goes to daycare. Pumping sucks so much, but my production has been good. I’m really dreading when he goes to daycare and I have to pump EVERYDAY. Boo. But oh well, its all temporary.

Temperament: Two words: Sweet and temperamental. He loves to smile, laugh and yell. He will talk to anyone who is holding him. He lights up as soon as you smile at him. And he LOVES when I sing to him. But he will let you know if he’s not happy. Now that he isn’t sick and is out of the ‘fourth trimester’ he is much less high maintenance. We are still using the paci-he really likes it and it helps him go to sleep at night when nursing doesn’t knock him out.


Milestones: Henry is doing amazing in this area! He started rolling over from back to front on 12/29/13 (14.5 weeks) and does this really regularly now. He can sometimes roll from belly to back, but it isn’t as regular. He holds his head steady and can sit in the bumbo. He laughs and talks and coos back and forth with us (SO much fun).


He loves to play with toys and chew on them. He can bring things to his mouth clumsily and will bat at things with varying degrees of success. Oh, and he is totally a drooler! George didn’t drool or spit up, so this is strange for me. He is just such a fat, happy, stereotypical baby!


Brothers: Not much to report here. Henry has just become part of the family for George. No problems (as of yet). George likes to know where Henry is at all times if he can’t see him. He says, “Where’s Henny?”

Oh, and he calls him Henny. So we all do. 🙂


It makes me feel much better that Henry will be at daycare with George. Makes it even more of a second home for our boys! 🙂

Just love my little butterball!!


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Henry: Month #2

Whoa, so much has happened this past month–its been pretty rough since we were all sick. But things are looking up! And Henry growing so much!


Size: At Henry’s 2 month check up yesterday he was 13 lbs 10 oz and 24 inches. He is in the 80th percentile for weight and 90th for height. Whoa! By comparison, George was 11 pounds 4 oz and 23.5 inches at his 2 month appt. I think we have two very different boys on our hands! It just amazes me how they are getting the same milk but metabolize it so differently.

Henry has moved in to 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. He has the most adorable little rolls. Such a cutie.


Sleep: Getting better (she said optimistically while yawning)! Henry can get in a 4-5 hour stretch if all stars align, but is averaging 3 hours at a time. However, the BIG difference is that when he wakes up he just eats and goes back to sleep. We are struggling as much with alertness at night as we once were.

Because of his terrible cold and reflux issues he was sleeping in the swing a lot so he could be elevated (ugh–makes me nervous) but he is now back in the co-sleeper and sometimes next to me. He is doing much better laying on his back without an incline.


Eating: Henry still loves to nurse and we are still exclusively breastfeeding. The stash is going well and I’m on track to meet my goal before starting back to work part time on 12/2.

Temperament: Henry is sweet but high maintenance. He likes to be held and walked around and isn’t what I would call laid back. We are still using the paci and it works well. around 6 weeks he developed a pretty nasty cold and cough that were very, very stressful. He would get pretty bad coughing fits and was clearly uncomfortable. Now that I have the illness I know just why he was needing so much extra TLC. Poor baby. Its no fun!


Now that the illness is over he is much more relaxed. Thank goodness. We also have him on some zan.tac to help with reflux/heartburn issues and help him be more comfortable. It has helped and also resolved some of the gas issues. Between illness, gas and reflux…month #2 was a rough one.

Additionally, the baby acne is all cleared up and the cradle cap is almost gone!


Milestones: Henry is doing great with his milestones. He can follow objects with his eyes and makes wonderful eye contact. He even bats at objects which is very fun to watch. And of course–the holy grail–he is smiling a lot and even laughing sometimes. He loves to coo and talk to us, which is just so much fun. He is holding his head up pretty well when we hold him upright and can lift it a little off the mat.


Brothers: Still doing very well. George is very protective of Clay, but other than that has been pretty normal. Love my boys!


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1 month update!

Henry is one month old. I can’t believe it. He is the sweetest little guy. My dear friend Esther gave me these onesies and sticker for these updates–so cute!!


Size: Not sure exactly how much he weighs, but our bathroom scale says about 10 pounds. He was gaining like a maniac (2 oz per day) at the beginning so I’m not surprised. Next official weigh in is at 2 months. He is developing a double chin and some fat rolls which, of course, are adorable.


He is solidly in size 3 month clothes. He was in NB for about 2 weeks. He is also wearing size 1 diapers as of last week. 🙂

Sleep: Not so awesome in this department. The last few nights we’ve had a 3 hour stretch but he isn’t going any longer than that. Most of the time he is up every 2 hours (or a little less). We are a little sleep deprived around here, but we know its only temporary. He sleeps swaddled in the co-sleeper attached to our bed.


Eating: Henry LOVES to eat. He wants to nurse all day everyday. Sometimes he even over eats and it comes back up…thats been fun. My supply has been great and nursing has been going extremely well. He has a great latch and can nurse in all positions now. Makes  all those night time feedings much less exhausting.

It is such a relief that nursing went smoother this time, and even though he never gives me a break, I don’t have to stress about it. He also takes a bottle which removes a whole different stress! He is just so easy in this regard.


I’m also starting my stash by pumping 1-2 times a day. I pump the side he doesn’t feed from and usually get about 4 oz. I’m keeping track of it in a very cool app called Milk Maid. My goal is to get 100 oz or so in the freezer before I start back to work. I don’t need as large of a stash this time since I am working from home most of the time.

Temperament: Henry is sweet but has a temper (wonder who he takes after…). He is content almost all of the time, until he isn’t. Haha. He goes from zero to 10 in a flash. But he loves to cuddle and simply holding and talking to him almost always does the trick. (Ok, now he really sounds like his mom–right clay??) We also use the 5 S’s and LOVE LOVE LOVE the paci. But overall, he is peaceful and easy going.



This isn’t really temperament, but he has TERRIBLE baby acne just like George. He doesn’t have cradle cap like George did, as of yet. You can really see the baby acne when he gets upset!!


Milestones: Henry is still a little grub of course, but is making headway in head control and can lift his little head up. He hears very well (which is wonderful). He startles easily and is responsive to our voices and faces. He really stares at me when I’m singing (not sure if thats a compliment or not…). He can follow objects when he’s really awake.

My favorite thing that he is doing is making cooing sounds. I love his voice! Just the cutest little sounds. He does it when awake and very content. He was doing it last night in the bath with George. George would imitate it and they went back and forth. SO CUTE.


He smiles and laughs in his sleep, but no social smiles yet. Can’t wait!

Brothers: George is doing very well with Henry right now. He kisses and loves on him, loves to take a bath with him and has generally adapted well. He is fine with my paying attention to henry, but gets a little jealous when daddy holds the baby. He hasn’t had any major upsets to his routine and seems to be doing well in all areas. I think that things will get harder when he has to share with Henry…George is in a big ‘mine’ phase right now. Hopefully this will get better before Henry wants to play.


Clay and I are so happy with our little family.

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