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Its hard to be a baby

Friday Favs: Park!

Everyday after daycare and before dinner we play at the ‘new new’ park. Its about a block from our house, brand new and perfect for the kids! And we always see our friends there. We even had a picnic this week! I love having the boys run off steam before dinner and bed time. Henry is a huge fan of the slide, and George loves the big mulch pile next to the park. He takes his trucks and has a merry old time digging and running up and down the hill.



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Life with the Boys


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George Update

George is doing much better with eating. And the great news is that now he done with the feeding specialists! He was seeing the foremost doctor on infantile anorexia in the country, Dr. Chatoor, along with a GI doc and a nutritionist. But no more (unless he regresses)! He has gotten back on his growth curve and is getting enough calories between food and the ‘heavy duty milk’ (whole milk with pediasure powder, which is about 50 calories per ounce).

While every meal is still tough, we have implemented some changes recommended by the team that have made these easier. And the good news is, he should pretty much grow out of it, though the doctor emphasized to us that he will probably never be a big eater.

And on our way out of our last appointment, we got to see Dr. Bear! George loves anything in a costume, so this was a very special treat. Dr. Bear was SO nice with him and George was elated! Then we went for a quick lunch. Which, even with our good news, was a reminder of his issues. He ate that green apple, but I had to (futility) push the pizza. Sigh. 😉




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Henry is a Wee Bit Bananas

Henry is totally different from George. He climbs, jumps, runs, and is loud and moody. George is my steady dude (for a toddler).

Henry is also BRAVE. He tries everything and has no fear.

Henry is also a bit hard to keep up with–mama is tired.




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Another successful Easter in the books. We had a great time dying eggs and prepping for the bunny. And this year, the Easter bunny started a new tradition of a pair of shoes and a book (with candy, of course) for the boys. Its shocking how similar the boys shoe sizes are (6.5 and 8). Henry LOVED eating his candy and George got an Octonauts book. That is currently his favorite show–he knows so much about marine creatures. I even love to watch it, its good TV.

Nana and Pop Pop visited so the boys got spoiled all day long!

In the afternoon, we had an egg hunt and ham dinner with the Caryles. There were slightly creepy bunny masks involved. 🙂


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HVL Egg Hunt 2015

We love the Hyattsville egg hunt and pancake breakfast! We visited the Easter bunny, ate our fill of pancakes and sausage, and ended with an egg hunt! Then everyone ran home because it was literally freezing and so horribly windy.

George did awesome and got a ton of eggs. Henry was more interested in eating the pancake he stole on the way outside.



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Friday Favs: Potty Trained!

George is FINALLY potty trained. After not being interested at all, a switch finally flipped about two weeks ago. And he has been in big boy underwear since with only one accident. He still sleeps in diapers, but has been waking up dry from nap so in a few weeks we will probably try to only wear diapers at night. Woot!

I’m so proud of him. He tells us when he needs to go and is very independent. That’s one wonderful thing about waiting until they initiate potty training–he was truly ready and it didn’t take much work from us at all! Waiting was hard though…

And his favorite thing now is to pee on trees…I love being a moms of boys!! 🙂



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George started soccer practice and Henry can’t help but join in the fun. They are both doing very well! George loves to kick the ball. They don’t have games–its just for fun, which we love. Go George!



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More Brothers in Bed!

This has become a nightly routine–a quick snuggle with brother. George always asks me to take a picture and they both say “CHEESE!”



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