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Dad Cam

Here are a few shots Clay took over the last few weeks. Hawaii posts coming soon! 🙂

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Friday Favs: Mama

I had the most wonderful mother’s day. I woke up to a happy and healthy baby, which was the very best gift of all. And he couldn’t be any more handsome and sweet!!

We went to Union Market and did a cheese tasting with soda pairings for me and beer pairings for Clay. George was so well behaved! George gave me some lovely fruit and a mug from daycare. He and daddy also got me a bead for my Pandora bracelet with a G on it. 🙂

I am one luckly mama.







George and Daddy

George and his daddy have a very special relationship. They love to cuddle, play and wrestle. Every night Clay reads to G before bed and they have been reading a book about the Tar Heels. Its their favorite. George has to point out the ball on every page and it ends with Clay singing the Carolina Fight Song.

It was the first song George ever heard when he was born. I can still remember Clay singing softly to George when he was just a few minutes old and he was holding him for the first time against his chest.

Now look at them!




Daddy on City Council!

Last week was a SUPER busy week. George wasn’t feeling well, Clay’s election for city council was on Tuesday and I had work trainings all week. It was a tough go! But we made it through. Luckily, Clay’s mom came up to help so we had lots of back up!

And the best news of all….Clay WON the election! He got the most votes for ward 5 so he obtained the 4 year seat and will be sworn into office on May 20, the day before his birthday.

George and I hung out with him down at the polls on election day. It rained hard almost all day long, but the mood was cheery! Clay has made so many connections with our neighbors and city officials. I was so proud to see him in action and hear him talk about what he wants to do for our city.

We went to City Hall to hear the results come in and it was so thrilling! Since we are Ward 5, Clay’s results were last. It only took a minute, but waiting was so hard!

Some coverage from the local paper:







5 months Preggo

Half way there! Thats scary and awesome at the same time. 🙂 We had out mid pregnancy scan and it was great! Baby was moving and being adorable. I got to see his little face in 3d. Anatomy looked great and we are thrilled.

How far along? 20 weeks 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: Only 2 pounds down now! Next appt I’m sure I’ll have gained.

Maternity clothes? Brining stuff into rotation slowly. Still wearing normal pants with the belly band, but starting to need maternity shirts for the length.

Stretch marks? Nope. I didn’t get any with G, so hopefully none this time either!

Sleep: Pretty good. Still waking up early and starting to get hard to turn over.

Movement: Constantly. And he loves to kick G when I am holding him–they are wrestling already!

Food cravings: Cheese.

Gender: Little man.

Belly Button in or out? In. But getting shallow.

Wedding rings on or off? On. Never had any swelling with G, so hopefully this will be the same.

What I miss: Raw cheese. Laying on my back in bed. I don’t sleep on my back, but I like to lay on my back when I wake up and am checking emails, etc. The baby puts too much pressure on my lower back to do that! I have been having lower back pain, too and sitting/laying. It causes the preggo lady hobble. Clay likes to laugh at me. Haha.

What I am looking forward to: Going to Hawaii in about a week! More on that later…

20 week shot of me and baby:



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Friday Favs: Play Kitchen

As shown in an earlier post, George loves an oven mitt. He also loves ‘helping’ in the kitchen and watching us cook. Lately, however, this has become very strained because he wants me to hold him and he wants to touch hot things. While saying ‘hot.’ Haha.

I want to get him a learning tower soon, but I think he is still a little small for it. So in the mean time we got him a little play kitchen that we put in the kitchen. We also got him some pots and plans, baking dishes and stuffed veggies. And of course, his own little oven mitt.

He LOVES it. Almost TOO much–it caused a few melt downs when he has to stop playing with it.

He loves to stir, taste and take pans in and out of the oven. He has picked up so much just from watching us in the kitchen. He loves to play pretend!








Campaigning With Daddy

Last night we did a little door to door campaigning and George had a blast. He loves to knock on doors so this was right up his alley. And he got to blow a few dandelion seeds on the way…



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Language Explosion!

George has had a major language explosion over the last few weeks. Its crazy! I can’t believe how much he is saying and imitating. He talks, babbles and sings all the time. He also has words for things that we don’t quite recognize yet, so they are not listed. I also didn’t list the things he just imitates and doesn’t use on his own.

I do think that his ear tubes have assisted with him staying on track with language development. He did seem a little behind with babbling, mama/dada etc, but nothing major and once the tubes were placed he caught up right away.

Here is the list through the end of April. He had a few words starting in Sept/Oct of 2012 (#1-4), but things really picked up in April 2013 (from number 5 down).

  1. Mama
  2. Apple
  3. Up
  4. Ball
  5. bird
  6. woof
  7. meow
  8. thank you
  9. aqua
  10. vroom
  11. that
  12. mine
  13. no
  14. banana
  15. dada
  16. all done
  17. hi
  18. byebye
  19. night night
  20. yeah
  21. dog
  22. cat (dat)
  23. sit
  24. eat (along with the sign)
  25. car

And just for good fun, here is a picture of George TRYING to exercise his fairly new skill of drinking through a straw, but sadly the cup is empty. Don’t worry, George is not allowed to drink soda! 😉


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