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Friday Favs: Daddy’s drawer








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We had quite a Valentine’s Day this year! First the good news! George got some adorable gifts, including this adorable monkey from Great-Grandma Rigel.



We also had a fun time with daycare making and getting Valentines. I made these for George’s classmates. And George got some adorables treats in return!



The bad news is that Clay and I got take out from outback that night and they were so slammed that our food was beyond cold when we got it home. It had to be completely recooked. And they forgot my sauces…so I had to go back and get them. I was so livid with them that the lady just refunded my meal so I wouldn’t get all the other angry patrons worked up. 🙂

And THEN George woke up around 2am puking all over the place. He got a bath and we put him back to bed, but threw up several more times. He was pretty much better by morning. POor guy.

How romantic.

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Mega Blocks

George and his daddy had a great time playing with his mega blocks this weekend. He was so good at putting them together and building with them.

He also LOVED knocking everything that clay tried to build over!

Thanks to Nan Hays for the wonderful birthday present…he loves it!








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Daddy gave me chocolate

Oh yeah.



Williamsburg Trip!

We took a little weekend trip to Williamsburg, VA with the Smiths. It was mainly just a relaxing weekend to spend time with friends. We did get out into into the town a little as well. We ate lots of good food at Blue Talon Bistro and King’s Arms Tavern. The boys had a great time playing together. And we say some horses! 🙂

We stayed at a resort near the town and it was great. It had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a dining area and a big living room for kids to play. It even had a little porch. It made eating/playing very easy! It was very inexpensive, too, because we had a groupon.

Here are some pics of the boys playing and meeting horses.



Look at these cuties!



And they had to give each other kisses.

SONY DSC SONY DSCWe had a blast and can’t wait to do another weekend away!




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14 month update!

SONY DSCI’m a little late on this one…but better late than never!

Our little guy is 14 months old!!

Size: He had his 14 month check up on 2/8, so I wanted to wait to post about his size until then. He weighed 19 pounds (10%) and was 30 inches (40%). Doctor was very happy!


Sleep: Amazing. He takes 2 naps at daycare (and is actually taking them) from 9-10:30am and from 1-3:30pm. He naps in a room with several other babies and does really well. On the weekends he has pretty much the same nap schedule, but often will sleep longer for both. We are often a little late getting him down for the afternoon nap as well (closer to 1:30pm).

At night we start the bedtime routine around 7pm. He has a bath every other night. Then we play in his room for a little while and get his PJs on and diaper changed. He wears overnight diapers now. He loves to play with daddy on the floor and we sing and turn down the lights to have some quiet time. We read a story or two. About 730pm or so, I nurse him in the dark and then lay him down. He cuddles up with doggy doggy and his blanket. I tell him to “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” My mom always said that to me. He is usually asleep within 5 minutes and barley makes a peep. He sleeps all the way through the night.


He wakes up between 5:30am and 6:30am normally. We are trying not get him before 6am unless he gets really upset. In the last week, it has worked and he is getting up a little later.

Eating: HUGE changes in this area! He is almost entirely feeding himself and is getting good at using a spoon. I think daycare and seeing the other kids feed themselves has really hurried this skill development along.


He eats breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack at daycare. They use a county/state approved menu and he is getting a huge variety, which I really like. When I pick him up he is usually finishing up his snack. He loves to hold his crackers, etc all by himself. He is doing so well.

For dinner, his staples are bread, peas and yogurt but he also gets what we are eating for dinner. He has started this annoying habit of spitting things that we give him out of his mouth. If he puts it in, then its okay. Ha. Showing a little bit of that toddler will!

George is still nursing 3-4 times a day on week days (am, afternoon/evening and before bed). On the weekends he nurses 4-6 times, depending on his mood. We both still love it and its working out great.


Temperament: Did I mention toddler will? We have a toddler on our hands, folks. He is not quite as easy-going as he used to be–if he wants something you are going to know about it. But of course he is still SO sweet. He LOVES to give hugs and kisses, especially when he is walking around. We were at playgroup and he was walking between all the moms giving them hugs. It was adorable.

He has gotten very demanding about nursing and eating–which is actually great to see from a little boy who used to not really care. He hates when Clay or I leaves the room and will throw himself on the floor in a most dramatic fashion. But he gets over it fast. Overall, he is sweet with a strong will (you may know two people like that…).


Milestones: George is now officially a walker! He can walk all over the house all by himself. He is actually starting to prefer walking over crawling and has even tried to get up to a run a few times! It’s still so weird to see him upright. I let him run around naked this morning and I don’t think there is anything better than a naked baby toddling around.

He loves to figure things out ‘all by himself’ and he pushes away my hand if I try to help too much. I have also seen him get frustrated when trying to make something work. I try not to laugh, but it’s just too cute. He sticks his little arms out and get red in the face. But then he just keeps trying. So cute.


He’s so good a shape sorting, opening and closing things and generally playing with a toy in the correct way. He seems to have gotten more sophisticated in the last month with his play…and less things are going into his mouth automatically.

Language development is progressing but we do have some concerns about his receptive language. He doesn’t always follow commands super well and while he pays attention to us, he doesn’t always seem to ‘get’ it. I think we are a little sensitive about this because of his hearing. From what I’m reading he seems very on track…he plays games with us, says 3-5 words and is interactive. But we are keeping an eye on how he responds to sounds and verbal commands.

He LOVES to sing songs and copy everything we do. He also loves to comb his hair and mommy’s hair. One night, he combed my hair and said “mama”while looking at right at me and put his hand on my face. It brought tears to my eyes! He also likes to blow his nose, pretend to sneeze and wipe mommy and daddy’s nose, too! He loves a kleenex/boogie wipe. He is also getting very good at finding belly buttons. 🙂


Teeth: George now has TEN teeth!! Six on the top and four on the bottom!


Hearing: We have an official hearing test next month. I am curious to see what the results tell us. I think he is hearing a lot better, but I don’t think it’s as dramatic as I expected. We will see. We haven’t had any problems with the tubes and all seems to be going very well. We go back to the ENT for a follow-up on the tubes in June.

We love our sweet sweet boy!!


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Friday Favs: NAPS

George LOVES a nap. He is so good about going down for naps and sometimes he sleeps so long we have to wake him up!

I love having the video camera so we can watch him sleep.


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White House Bowling!

Even though this blog is all about George, I had to share with everyone something really cool George’s parents did. And G can see it later and see how nifty his parents were. Sorry, G–you were home with Jessica the babysitter.

We went to a birthday party at the white house bowling alley! Such a super cool idea. Hannah turned 25 and had a wonderful party!



Daycare update

George has been at daycare for about 1 month now and so much has changed from the last post about it!

He is doing SO well now.

Separation Anxiety: Worlds better!! He sometimes cries in the morning, but its much more rare now. And its more of just a whimper when it does happen. But most of the time now, he just goes off to play. We still leave pretty quickly. He also used to cry when I would return to pick him up, but he doesn’t do that anymore. He usually just smiles at me and comes over, or goes back to what he is doing.

Last friday I came for Laurelea’s birthday party and it was lots of fun. He even stayed in his seat and ate cake! Lots and lots of cake (see below!). Haha.

Eating: I don’t know if he is having a growth spurt or what, but George has improved SO much with eating–at daycare and at home. He eats a TON now. He uses his hands and sometimes even uses a spoon.

Sleeping: Also great! He takes his two naps a day and doesn’t cry when he goes down for his naps. The hardest part of the daycare transition for me was seeing him so tired. I wasn’t used to that and he would get cranky and frustrated so easily. I hated seeing him like that and I knew what was causing it. I just couldn’t do anything but wait it out.

But it worked and he has adjusted beautifully.


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Blog Book

The purpose of this blog was always to be George’s baby book, with the added benefit of keeping our friends and families updated with what is going on in George’s life.

So at the end of his first year I made a blog book for him. I’m so proud of how it turned out. I think when he is older her will love looking at this book and seeing how he looked every week of his first year. Maybe it will even be on display at his rehearsal dinner someday!

It took me a few weeks to get it edited and laid out the way I wanted…but it came today and it was worth every minute. I love it! I think I’m going to get a smaller version made with just the monthly updates as well.

Can’t wait for year 2!!

Here it is! Its 204 pages.


The inside:

SONY DSC The inscription:


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