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Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Our daycare took a field trip to the pumpkin patch. Happily, Grandmomma Williams was visiting and was able to join us. Clay and I both took off work and joined in the fun!

George was looking forward to the pumpkin patch so very much. He even talked about it in his sleep! Both he and Henry had such a great time playing with friends, petting the animals and–of course–picking their pumpkin! There was even a corn maze. We had lunch and then came on home. It was such a wonderful day!



















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Our Friend Avery

George spent the day with Avery while her parents were moving. We were so glad he could spend this time with her since she is moving to VA and won’t be at daycare anymore. They had a blast, as long as they both weren’t after the same toy.

The best part was that they totally wore each other out! They both went down great for their naps and slept for hours!!



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Henry’s girlfriends



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Time with Friends

George loves to spend time with his buddies. We went out for dinner one night and another night we had an impromtu breakfast for dinner with these two. That was followed by a bath and some pre-bed play time. There are some bath pictures that aren’t internet appropriate, but they sure are adorable. 🙂

P.S. George is a total ham.



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Fun with friends!

Now that the weather has warmed up. We have enjoyed some fun times with friends.

George has gone swimming and to the strawberry festival. He went on a train ride at the festival. I think he thought Avery was a very comfortable seat.

The train stopped in the middle so they could give all the kids a strawberry. George was in heaven!!





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Holiday Party!

We went to a lovely holiday party over at the Carlyles house. There was yummy food, tons of cookies and even a secret santa for the kiddos!
Laurelea had George and she got him a book called “Goodnight Washington, DC.” George had his friend Jackie and he gave her a zoo animal Duplo set. All the kids loved the present exchange and playing all night with their buddies.

We all enjoyed the egg nog, spiced wine and rum balls. Clearly, it was a great night for all!






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Buddy Babies

Last night, George had his buddy Maddox over for dinner.

They had a great time. What can I say…they speak the same language (seriously, they make identical hilarious sounds).

George and Maddox are 1 month apart (George is older). Maddox is also little like George. 🙂

We had roast chicken and veggies. Then we enjoyed watching the boys play.

And Maddox might just give George a run for his money in the handsome department…just wait till they get to Hyattsville Elementary! They are gonna rule the school.




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Babies in Costumes

The gomoms group (neighborhood kids George’s age) got together for a Halloween brunch to get pics of all the babies in their costumes. It was SO cute and George had such a good time with the other kids. He just loves other babies. When he sees them he starts squealing and “talking” to them.

George was adorable as a little lion.

And here is the whole group.

And these are George’s boys. They are in age order–George is the oldest at nearly 11 months, next is Maddox who is 10 months, then Cortland at 9 months and Alex at 8 months. These boys are going to be trouble!!

They have so much fun together.

George also had a great time exploring, but stopped frequently to check on mommy and wave or show me something.  🙂


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