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Its hard to be a baby




George thinks its so funny to play with my pump! For some reason he likes to put it over his belly button and say ‘my boobies!!’

I think this photo will be in a montage at a wedding or other event one day! 20131118-081637.jpg


My sleepy boys



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Playing together


George has done so well with the transition to being a big brother. He loves to talk to henry, hug him and kiss him. He also LOVES to lay on his playmat with him and bat the toys like he is a baby. So cute. I think its so funny how they look so similar in size. They are only about 9 pounds apart! 20131118-081237.jpg



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Sick days


The last few weeks everyone has been sick at one time or another. All of us have had a cough and congestion and just not feeling well. George stayed home several days from daycare. We spent a lot of time cuddling and watching Disney Junior. He now loves mickey mouse which makes me SO excited!!

It has been hard to watch Henry be sick. Heartbreaking, really. George didn’t have his first cold until he was 13 months and poor Henry has had 2 in 2 months. What a rough start for our poor little man. Luckily, he is still gaining weight like a champ.




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Milk drunk

Henry LOVES to nurse. And its so much easier this time around.

We have nursed everywhere! Ikea, the mall, while George was getting his hair cut, while ordering balloons at party city and restaurants galore.

He is such a good little nursling.



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Henry: Month #2

Whoa, so much has happened this past month–its been pretty rough since we were all sick. But things are looking up! And Henry growing so much!


Size: At Henry’s 2 month check up yesterday he was 13 lbs 10 oz and 24 inches. He is in the 80th percentile for weight and 90th for height. Whoa! By comparison, George was 11 pounds 4 oz and 23.5 inches at his 2 month appt. I think we have two very different boys on our hands! It just amazes me how they are getting the same milk but metabolize it so differently.

Henry has moved in to 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. He has the most adorable little rolls. Such a cutie.


Sleep: Getting better (she said optimistically while yawning)! Henry can get in a 4-5 hour stretch if all stars align, but is averaging 3 hours at a time. However, the BIG difference is that when he wakes up he just eats and goes back to sleep. We are struggling as much with alertness at night as we once were.

Because of his terrible cold and reflux issues he was sleeping in the swing a lot so he could be elevated (ugh–makes me nervous) but he is now back in the co-sleeper and sometimes next to me. He is doing much better laying on his back without an incline.


Eating: Henry still loves to nurse and we are still exclusively breastfeeding. The stash is going well and I’m on track to meet my goal before starting back to work part time on 12/2.

Temperament: Henry is sweet but high maintenance. He likes to be held and walked around and isn’t what I would call laid back. We are still using the paci and it works well. around 6 weeks he developed a pretty nasty cold and cough that were very, very stressful. He would get pretty bad coughing fits and was clearly uncomfortable. Now that I have the illness I know just why he was needing so much extra TLC. Poor baby. Its no fun!


Now that the illness is over he is much more relaxed. Thank goodness. We also have him on some zan.tac to help with reflux/heartburn issues and help him be more comfortable. It has helped and also resolved some of the gas issues. Between illness, gas and reflux…month #2 was a rough one.

Additionally, the baby acne is all cleared up and the cradle cap is almost gone!


Milestones: Henry is doing great with his milestones. He can follow objects with his eyes and makes wonderful eye contact. He even bats at objects which is very fun to watch. And of course–the holy grail–he is smiling a lot and even laughing sometimes. He loves to coo and talk to us, which is just so much fun. He is holding his head up pretty well when we hold him upright and can lift it a little off the mat.


Brothers: Still doing very well. George is very protective of Clay, but other than that has been pretty normal. Love my boys!


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Dinner time has been a big challenge for us recently. It started a few months ago. George is SO verbal and really gets satisfaction out of a request being fulfilled when he asks. When we sit at the table, he has a LOT of requests. We try to make him as happy as possible, while still following the rules. He must sit at the table, eat from his own plate and ask nicely (with please) for more food. Sounds simple right?? Haha, not for a toddler!

So, our meals are often filled with tantrums, but we are sticking to our guns!





My little hipster

Isn’t George just incredibly fashionable? I can’t believe skinny jeans are baggy on this boy! 20131118-075956.jpg


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We had a blast at Halloween. George was a dinosaur and Henry was a dino egg. 🙂

We all went to a fabulous party and went trick or treating with our friends. It was a fun filled night.

I LOVE how Clay is holding both his boys in this first pic. He is such an awesome dad.


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Post trick or treating fun

After Trick or treating we came back to the house and enjoyed some family time. George ate some candy and played with Henry.

George had so much fun handing out candy, as well. He and I sat out on the porch and he put candy in bag and said ‘happy halloween’ to each trick or treater. He loved it!

Can’t wait until next year!








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