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Its hard to be a baby

George is TWO!!

Our little man is TWO YEARS OLD!

We had a blast on his birthday. We made cake, ate pizza and hung out with friends. He got some amazing gifts, including train table items and a new bike. All of his favorite things!

Sadly, the bike is a little too big for him–parenting fail! Luckily he will only get bigger!

A quick update on George at two!

Size: George is 24 pounds (15th percentile) and nearly 34 inches (40th percentile). Still my long skinny boy! He wears 18-24 months clothes mostly, but is still in 12-18 months in some pants. He’s still in size 3 diapers. He does wear 4’s for his overnight diapers since he was leaking a bit in the 3’s.

Sleep: George has now dropped his morning nap completely and just takes one nap per day in the afternoon from 1-4pm or so. He sleeps on the cot at daycare and the crib at home. We don’t plan to move him until he is climbing out or asking directly for a big boy bed. He sleeps from about 8am-8pm. We have a nice bed time routine which involves LOTS of books and singing. And of course, some rough housing with daddy.

Eating: Dinner is by far the most challenging part of the day. He isn’t a great eater (never has been!). They tell me he eats great at daycare, so that’s good!  His favorite foods right now are PIZZA, PIZZA & PIZZA. Its all he talks about.

Temperament: George is smart and sweet. He repeats everything we say and is pretty go with the flow…for a toddler. Of course, he likes things the way he likes them. But we can take him almost anywhere (within reason) and can be confident that we can handle him. He mainly has melt downs at home.

He is a good listener. He had to have his blood drawn at the Dr. While we were waiting for his turn, he sat on my lap and I told him what was about to happen, showing him on his arm and telling him it would hurt a little. I explained that is was so important that he stay still. And we got the wiggles out and then practiced staying still.

He was INCREDIBLE. They put the needle in and he never moved. He got teary eyed and looked at me, but didn’t even really cry. And he said “all done” when the man took the needle out. Then he hopped right up! I was SO SO SO proud of him. I feel like that really captures his personality. He is just a good boy.

Milestones: Amazing. We got his 2 year assessment in the mail and did the activities with him and he got a perfect score. He is saying long sentences with abstract ideas, has an uncountable number of words, can count and sing ABCs (pretty well) and repeats EVERYTHING. He runs and jumps and stacks and sorts. I just couldn’t believe how well he did. He is perfect. Well, to me!

Brothers: George loves Henry. As long as Henry isn’t taking up too much of daddy’s time or touching his toys. 🙂

Overall, George is just a happy, healthy kid. He is a complete joy. He loves bikes, trains, sports (FOOTBALL!), mickey mouse, balls and being outside. He is sweet and gives the BEST kisses and hugs. Sometime he will just come up to me and say, ‘mommy, BIG hug!’ and throw his arms around me. He also loves all of his grandparents and knows them by name.

I may be biased, but he is pretty darn awesome.











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14 month update!

SONY DSCI’m a little late on this one…but better late than never!

Our little guy is 14 months old!!

Size: He had his 14 month check up on 2/8, so I wanted to wait to post about his size until then. He weighed 19 pounds (10%) and was 30 inches (40%). Doctor was very happy!


Sleep: Amazing. He takes 2 naps at daycare (and is actually taking them) from 9-10:30am and from 1-3:30pm. He naps in a room with several other babies and does really well. On the weekends he has pretty much the same nap schedule, but often will sleep longer for both. We are often a little late getting him down for the afternoon nap as well (closer to 1:30pm).

At night we start the bedtime routine around 7pm. He has a bath every other night. Then we play in his room for a little while and get his PJs on and diaper changed. He wears overnight diapers now. He loves to play with daddy on the floor and we sing and turn down the lights to have some quiet time. We read a story or two. About 730pm or so, I nurse him in the dark and then lay him down. He cuddles up with doggy doggy and his blanket. I tell him to “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” My mom always said that to me. He is usually asleep within 5 minutes and barley makes a peep. He sleeps all the way through the night.


He wakes up between 5:30am and 6:30am normally. We are trying not get him before 6am unless he gets really upset. In the last week, it has worked and he is getting up a little later.

Eating: HUGE changes in this area! He is almost entirely feeding himself and is getting good at using a spoon. I think daycare and seeing the other kids feed themselves has really hurried this skill development along.


He eats breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack at daycare. They use a county/state approved menu and he is getting a huge variety, which I really like. When I pick him up he is usually finishing up his snack. He loves to hold his crackers, etc all by himself. He is doing so well.

For dinner, his staples are bread, peas and yogurt but he also gets what we are eating for dinner. He has started this annoying habit of spitting things that we give him out of his mouth. If he puts it in, then its okay. Ha. Showing a little bit of that toddler will!

George is still nursing 3-4 times a day on week days (am, afternoon/evening and before bed). On the weekends he nurses 4-6 times, depending on his mood. We both still love it and its working out great.


Temperament: Did I mention toddler will? We have a toddler on our hands, folks. He is not quite as easy-going as he used to be–if he wants something you are going to know about it. But of course he is still SO sweet. He LOVES to give hugs and kisses, especially when he is walking around. We were at playgroup and he was walking between all the moms giving them hugs. It was adorable.

He has gotten very demanding about nursing and eating–which is actually great to see from a little boy who used to not really care. He hates when Clay or I leaves the room and will throw himself on the floor in a most dramatic fashion. But he gets over it fast. Overall, he is sweet with a strong will (you may know two people like that…).


Milestones: George is now officially a walker! He can walk all over the house all by himself. He is actually starting to prefer walking over crawling and has even tried to get up to a run a few times! It’s still so weird to see him upright. I let him run around naked this morning and I don’t think there is anything better than a naked baby toddling around.

He loves to figure things out ‘all by himself’ and he pushes away my hand if I try to help too much. I have also seen him get frustrated when trying to make something work. I try not to laugh, but it’s just too cute. He sticks his little arms out and get red in the face. But then he just keeps trying. So cute.


He’s so good a shape sorting, opening and closing things and generally playing with a toy in the correct way. He seems to have gotten more sophisticated in the last month with his play…and less things are going into his mouth automatically.

Language development is progressing but we do have some concerns about his receptive language. He doesn’t always follow commands super well and while he pays attention to us, he doesn’t always seem to ‘get’ it. I think we are a little sensitive about this because of his hearing. From what I’m reading he seems very on track…he plays games with us, says 3-5 words and is interactive. But we are keeping an eye on how he responds to sounds and verbal commands.

He LOVES to sing songs and copy everything we do. He also loves to comb his hair and mommy’s hair. One night, he combed my hair and said “mama”while looking at right at me and put his hand on my face. It brought tears to my eyes! He also likes to blow his nose, pretend to sneeze and wipe mommy and daddy’s nose, too! He loves a kleenex/boogie wipe. He is also getting very good at finding belly buttons. 🙂


Teeth: George now has TEN teeth!! Six on the top and four on the bottom!


Hearing: We have an official hearing test next month. I am curious to see what the results tell us. I think he is hearing a lot better, but I don’t think it’s as dramatic as I expected. We will see. We haven’t had any problems with the tubes and all seems to be going very well. We go back to the ENT for a follow-up on the tubes in June.

We love our sweet sweet boy!!


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13 months!

Our baby boy is 13 months! I can’t believe it!SONY DSC

Size: George is about 19 pounds now. He looks great and is wearing 12 month size clothing. We had a bit of a scare this past month where the doctor used the wrong growth chart and said that George was dropping in percentiles. She sent me a long email and refered us to a GI doctor and a nutritionist. I totally freaked out because in my gut I knew that G was okay…he has been in the 10th percentile since he was 6 months old. And she was fine with his weight at his 12 month appt, just days before.


I emailed her back and asked about the growth chart (referencing the WHO chart that should be used for breastfed babies). She quickly realized that she was wrong and even called me to apologize. George is actually a textbook breastfed baby. However, we still decided to use the nutritionist referral because he has some constipation issues. More on that visit below.


Sleep: George is now an amazing sleeper. He sleeps from 7:30pm to 6:30am at night. He very rarely wakes up in the middle of the night and if he does he can put himself back to sleep most of the time. Otherwise, one of us goes in and gives him a pat and then he goes back to sleep. He is still napping two naps per day about 2 hours a piece. He starts daycare this week, so we will see how this changes things in the sleep department!


Eating: My mom and I took George to the nutritionist appt. She recommended that George just eat what we are eating to get some more fat and fiber into his diet. We have implemented this and he is loving it. He is feeding himself more and doing really well with his little spoon that Santa put in his stocking (how did Santa know he needed a little spoon?). He loves cheese and bread. And peas of course! He eats 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.

Again, since he is starting at daycare he will be eating there for 2 meals and 2 snacks. I think this will be great for him because he will be getting variety and lots of new foods. I looked at their menu and I wish they were feeding me, too! Lots of fresh fruit and veg. Yum!


Nursing is still going very well. He nurses 4 times day right now, but that will drop to 3 since he will be at daycare for the early afternoon feeding. He will have whole milk with lunch instead. He will nurse in the morning, late afternoon and before bed starting today! Of course on the weekends, all bets are off and he can have as much as he wants!!


Temperament: Still sweet. He is getting his fake cry down pat, though. Want mommy’s phone? I can totally turn on the waterworks for that.  Someone not picking me up? Oh, I’m in deep emotional pain! It hilarious and annoying all at the same time!

George is not frightened easily, which is great. He did awesome with Santa, has no trouble with large dogs or other animals. He just goes with the flow. I was a scardy cat as a kid (my mom wearing a towel on her head? terrifying), so I’m glad that George is more like Clay in this area.


Milestones: George is doing amazing. He is walking and gaining confidence in that area. He still loves to push anything with wheels all over the place. He love to both throw and roll a ball back and forth. He is so interactive. He likes to help us dress him. He puts out his arms and legs. He even tries to put on his socks, which is adorable. He just kid of rubs the sock against his foot. Hilarious.

We have quite the little imitator on our hands. He likes to do anything we are doing–brushing teeth, brushing hair. He also imitates our vocal tones and often “talks” forecdfully into the phone. Not sure what that says about mommy! 🙂 He also knows just how to get our attention and “fakes” falling and coughing to get our reaction. He loves to turn pages in books and show me all the cool stuff on the next page. He talkes all about it, too. I wish I could understand the stories he tells, because they are clearly doozies!


He is still doing well with language, saying about 5 words. A lot of his words sound muffled, probably because his hearing is muffled. He doesn’t do ‘hard’ sounds well. So, “d” and “c” sounds come out as “gah” sounds. He says “gat” at the cat (I think) and seems to call Clay “gaga.” Maybe that will stick. Haha.

“Up” is still his best word. Although, he has started using it when he wants to do something else or when he wants to nurse. I’m trying to reinforce the correct words for these activities. But, he is correct–I have to pick him up to nurse him!!


Teeth: 2 new top molars in the past month. He now has 8 teeth total! There are 6 on the top and 2 on the bottom. 🙂


Hearing: George is experiencing moderate hearing loss because of the fluid in his ears. He will get tubes on Jan 16th to resolve the problem.


Clay and I are amazed at how lucky we are. We talk about it all the time. George is so easy-going, sweet and loving. We are grateful for every single day we have with him. Watching him grow and learn is the most wonderful experience of my life. And just look at this little butt! I mean, come on!


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The one year old post. Wow.

I was organizing pictures and videos yesterday and watched a few from when he was a tiny baby, just learning to commando crawl and jumping in his jumperoo. My main impression (besides time flies) is that his hair is CRAZY. 🙂

SONY DSCSize: My little man is still little. He was just under 19 pounds at his 1 year check up, which is in the 10th percentile or so. He was 29 inches (40th) and his head was in the 70th. Yeah, he’s got a big head! The doctor was very pleased that he is holding his size and reminded me that it is okay for babies to be small. 🙂

SONY DSCHe is wearing 12 month clothes and I think will be for a little while yet. They are fitting him very well. Since he is approaching 30 inches we are moving him to the convertible car seat and retiring the infant seat. Just another reminder that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. Not to mention my baby center emails that used to be called “Your baby at __ weeks” are now called “Your toddler at __ months.” Thanks for rubbing it in, baby center.

SONY DSCSleep: Good news, everyone! (sorry, geeked out for a minute). George is SLEEPING IN HIS CRIB!!! Clay and I procrastinated moving him from the swing to the crib for weeks, months even. The swing was working and we were afraid. I am also not a fan of letting babies cry. However, he was outgrowing the swing. Also, he would not nurse or be rocked to sleep. I tried every gentle method to get him into the crib that I could. In the end, we knew we had to show him–somehow–that the crib is his sleeping space.

SONY DSCSo, one night, I laid him in his crib after nursing. He smiled up at me (ouch). I said goodnight and left the room. It took a minute for him to realize what was happening and then the screaming began. We went back in (taking turns) at 3 minutes, 5 minutes then 10 minutes. At the second 10 minutes it was my turn. He was so sweated and begged me to pick him up. But, I rubbed his tummy and left the room. Then, George and I were both sobbing. Clay rubbed my back and I was about to break…and then…silence. He fell asleep. He woke up briefly 2 times that night, but both times just took a little pat and he was back to sleep. No crying spells. The next night he only cried for 7 minutes (falling asleep shortly after I came in at the 5 minute mark) and the third night he cried for less than a minute. AND he slept in his crib for his afternoon nap yesterday. George now sleeps IN HIS CRIB from 7:30p-6:30am with two naps about 2 hours each. That’s right. BAM.

SONY DSCEating: George is eating 5 times a day–3 meals and 2 snacks. He loves yogurt, shredded cheese, peas and ground meat. We still give him a lot of prunes. He likes to hold his pusher while he eats because he eats better a little distracted. He eats so well at restaurants because there is so much going on. He is starting to play with his spoon, but still in the very early stages. I need to get him a small spoon thats easier for him to manage. George nurses 4 times a day now. In the morning, before his afternoon nap, in the evening and before bed. We will also drop the afternoon nap feeding shortly, when he starts at day care.

SONY DSCTemperament: Of course he is the sweetest baby ever. He is definitely voicing his opinions and letting us know if he is unhappy with something. He has started whining which is He loves to be held, but also does really well playing independently. Especially now that I have set up his new playroom! It’s a totally childproofed room off the living room with tons of toys and things to do. I will be doing a post on it when it is all done. It’s very plain right now, but I plan to make it super fun! Overall, he is a really easygoing and sweet baby.

SONY DSCMilestones:George is doing a great job communicating and learning to speak. He is saying four words (ball, apple, mama, up). He is also working on the word sock (he holds out his foot and says ‘ack’) and does this funny thing with his throat to imitate me saying ‘uh-oh.’ Hilarious.

His strongest word is definitely ‘up.’ He says it many times a day and uses it correctly. He is always imitating me doing things (talking on the phone, dancing, etc). I can really see his wheels turning and he watches others with such attention if he wants to learn to do something. And he has the cutest little grunt when he is trying to do it.


He learns something new everyday!

SONY DSCHe points at everything. I love watching him look all around and point. George also loves to point at pictures in books and turns the pages on his own. There isn’t much better than watching your kid playing in a stack of books. He loves to throw his ball, play basketball and tries to roll it back and forth with us. He also loves to take things in and out of buckets and put things in holes. And ANYTHING with a button is the best thing EVER. He will push buttons until the cows come home. He loves to use the remote to turn the light in his room on and off. And on and off. And on and off. 🙂 And he loves to play peek a boo–especially with his new monkey.



George is not walking yet, but can stand alone for long periods of time. He pushes this push toy thing and walks SO well with it. He even picks it up and moves it around objects. But, won’t even try without it! Its hilarious–it’s totally a security pusher. I know that one day soon he will just let go! And then we are in trouble.


Teeth: Still six teeth in that little mouth!


It amazing to see how much George has changed in the last year. Humans are truly incredible creatures. And, of course, I think George is the most incredible human yet.


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11 months!

George is 11 months old! I simply cannot believe it. More than a few cliches come to mind: Its gone so fast, he’s changed everything about our lives, he’s the best thing that ever happened to me…but most of all…where’s my little baby???

Size: George is really growing. He is getting so big. I imagine he is still small for his age, but he looks pretty on par with the other babies. Since he is eating better now, he seems to be putting on a little chub. I’m curious to see what he weighs at his next doctors appointment in early December. He is wearing 12 month size clothes and they fit great. Its been fun to get all his little fall/winter clothes out.

Sleep: We have made some massive improvements with sleep. He is regularly sleeping 8-10 hours a night now in his room. He still sleeps in his swing for naps and at night. Don’t judge. He takes two naps, each last two hours or so, each day ar 8:30am and 1:30pm plus or minus 30 mins. His routine is pretty solid and he goes down incredibly easily. Now just to get him in the crib…

His bedtime is 8pm and we still have the same bedtime of bath, book, songs and cuddles. Then I nurse him until he is very relaxed and put him down groggy. He sleeps with a blanket and a lovey. Even with his large variety of caregivers over the last few weeks, he hasn’t had any problems taking naps. I’m really impressed with him.

Eating: George now loves to eat!  He eats three meals a day. Yogurt has replaced peas has his favorite food. He LOVES yogurt. He has a little pusher his Grandmomma Williams got his and he loves to play with it during meals. He eats better a little distracted. 😉 George eats a lot of prunes, oatmeal and peas. He also has two snacks a day after his naps.

He is nursing 4-6 times a day, depending on if he gets up at night. He has dropped his mid morning feed. Which frees me up from pumping at work (which is awesome). As much as I love nursing, the natural progression of cutting back is also liberating. I’m looking forward to toddler nursing, where most of his calories are coming from food. Less pressure!

Temperament: SO sweet. SO SO sweet. But also a little shit sometimes. Haha. Sometimes he wants to be held ALL THE TIME and just hangs on my pants so I can’t move and whines and whines (saying UP, UP!!). But when I pick him up he claps…and I can’t help but cover him in kisses. Sigh. He’s incredibly easy going. He has had MANY caregivers over the past 3 months, but he has rolled with it. His new nanny started earlier this week and he is doing awesome with her. Luckily, she is pretty great–that helps!

Milestones: I love watching George learn and grow. He has been doing the cutest things lately. He plays peek a boo with blankets, washcloths, bibs–whatever he can  find. And, when we were in the car we were blowing raspberries at each other. I would use his blanket to wipe the spit off his mouth. Then, he started using the blanket to wipe my mouth! I totally melted. He’s so smart.

He is cruising and crawling like crazy! He can stand on his own for a little while, especially when he forgets what he’s doing. But he is still mainly into crawling. He can put his shapes into the correct whole in his shape sorter. And he loves little mechanical things to figure out. He’s pointing at stuff he likes, which is adorable. We also brush our teeth together every morning. He uses his banana tooth brush and imitates me brushing my teeth by shaking his little arms and moving his toothbrush back and forth. Amazing.

But the biggest thing…George now says THREE words!!


He has the cutest voice. Nothing is sweeter than hearing him ask for, UP! or saying AHHHPAAAA when I hand him an apple. And of course Mama. Music to my ears. 🙂

Teeth: Still 6 teeth and holding!

We love this baby SO SO much. Can’t wait until that 1 year old post! 🙂

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10 months old!

10 months…in the double digits. I can’t believe I’m starting to plan his first birthday party!

George is shocked, too!

Size: Still a little guy. Not sure of his weight, but the bathroom scale puts him at about 18-19 pounds. Clay’s mom told me he was 20 pounds at age one, so it looks like George takes after his daddy!

He is wearing 12 month size clothes now. They are a tad baggy, but good for the cloth diapers. The 9 month stuff was just too short. We are a member of (I got a great deal on it) and have loved trying new clothes with him. His shirt in these photos is from them.

Sleep: We went through a very rough patch where George was waking every 2 hours at night to nurse. It was clear that he wasn’t hungry, he just wanted to nurse to go back to sleep. He was insistant on it even if I tried to do something else to ease him back to sleep. Since cry it out is not the route we want to take, I bought and read the ‘no cry sleep solution.’ We are creating our 10 day plan, but have already made some changes that are working to get him used to sleeping on his own and not needing the boob to fall back asleep. I really don’t mind waking up with him and know that night wakings are very normal, but more predictability would be nice.

He is taking two naps per day, 2 hours (or so) each. He is a GREAT napper. We put him in his swing with his lovey, sound machine and a kiss–and he goes right to sleep. Now, we are trying the swing at night to be a transition between our bed and the crib. This has worked REALLY well. He sleeps in 4-6 hour blocks, and last night even slept 10 hours without waking to nurse.

But, this leaves us with a new problem…the swing. We are developing a transition plan to move him from the swing to his crib–first at night and then for naps. Wish us luck!!

Eating: As with the last few months, George continues to make strides in this area. He eats three meals a day, along with a snack after his afternoon nap. His spoon boycott is over and he is back to eating oatmeal, yogurt and purees. (whew). His favorite food is peas. He loves to feed himself.

He is nursing 4-6 times a day now–with longer sessions since he has cut back. Since Clay has gone to work he is not really taking his bottle from anyone else. We try to put milk in a sippy cup for him, but he only drinks an ounce or two. Its seems that he has pretty much dropped that feeding. He nurses heartily when I get home!

Temperament: Sweet and happy almost all the time. He loves to do ‘bouncy’ which is a little dance he does when he gets really happy (or we say bouncy, bouncy!). He loves music and dances and sings to it. He does have opinions, though. He threw his first little temper tantrum the other day when I took him away from daddy’s toolbox. As all babies, he has different cries. And for this tantrum he used his hurt cry, even though he couldn’t possibly have been hurt. I’m in for it, right??

Milestones: George is growing and developing so fast! He is a champion crawler and cruiser. No signs on walking yet, crawling is doing really well for him so he isn’t really trying. He can stand on his own for a few seconds and walk while holding one of our hands. But then he drops down and crawls…he’s got places to GO!

He has been ‘showing’ things to us (like the leaf above), which is SO cute. He even tries to share his food. Adorable. He sometimes points a things he really likes, but this is still a developing skill. He asks to be picked up with arm motions and asks to nurse by hitting my chest and mouthing my shirt. George loves to put things from one bucket into another–and game Grandmomma Williams taught him.

George loves to wave hello and goodbye, especially when he is excited. He says mama to me, and now says ‘dada’ but not really TO Clay. No other words yet! I feel like he is so much more aware of the world around him now. Its amazing to watch him start to understand things. He loves anything mechanical and will play with it until he figures it out. His serious concentration face is just.plain.awesome. 🙂

Teeth: George now has 6 teeth! Four on the top and two on the bottom! No signs of anymore just yet.

He has spent weeks with his grandparents over the last month and they have all agreed…George is the BEST baby ever.

Not that we are biased or anything.


9 Months!

Wow, I’m late is posting this! We’ve had a few crazy weeks, but luckily I got these pictures on the 9/1, so we know just what he looked like on his 9 month birthday.

George is growing like crazy. He is the sweetest, sweetest boy. 9 months seems so old-I simply cannot believe its been that long. He is obviously one very cool dude.

Size: George is still a small little banana baby. The dr was quite happy with his weight at his 9 month appt because he is staying on his curve. At his appointment he weighed nearly 17 pounds (10% percentile) and was 27.5 inches (25%).

I just switched him over to 12 month sized clothes because they were getting a little short. They look great and its so much fun to get a whole new wardrobe in rotation for him.

Sleep: We have had a little back tracking in this area. He has started waking up more frequently (as many as four times a night), not sure if its a growth spurt or teeth issues. But, we are keeping a sleep log and I’m also reading the no cry sleep solution for some help. Hopefully things will improve over the next few months. Luckily, its nothing we can’t handle.

Naps on the other hand are going great. He is still taking two naps each day, about 2 hours a piece in his swing.

Eating: George has come so far in this area! He is self feeding for every meal. We are trying to give him a little by spoon with each meal, but he mostly loves to just do it himself. His favorite foods are peas, peaches, puffs, yogurt melts and of course MUMS. Wow, he loves those. He eats three meals a day at 8am, 12:30pm and 6pm. I think I will introduce a snack around 4pm or so in the coming weeks. He still eats about 6 times a day from me, but I have noticed that he wants to nurse a little less and it eating more solid food. Right on schedule!

Temperament: George is so alert and interactive. He is sweet, loving and even keeled (like is daddy). Its hard to believe such a chill baby came out of me, to be honest.

He is learning to push boundaries a little bit and he even slowly, carefully bit me during nursing while looking me in the eye to see what I would do. But, when I told him no, he listened and hasn’t done it since.

George had a MAJOR change this month because Clay got a job. He is now working full time and not home with George. This was hard for both me and George. My mom and sister were with him, but he is having some separation anxiety. He wants mommy or daddy to hold him all the time. On the whole, he is adjusting well.

Milestones: The most fun update! George is talking up a storm. He sounds like he is telling elaborate stories wit his babbles and we can’t get enough. He also repeats sounds that we make, if we make low sounds he does, too. Same for high sounds. It been great to have these interactions.


We are still keeping our eye out for any language delays since George couldn’t really hear at speaking level for the first 5 months of his life or so! His official first word is MUM MUM, if you can believe it. I would like to say its mama (which he is also saying to me), but mum mum is much more consistently associated with the actual object. He also says ‘baba’ when he wants to nurse, but this is also not as clear as MUMUMUM.

His gross motor skills are awesome. He moves around like a champ and is cruising like crazy. He walks all around holding on to whatever he can get to. Crawling is excellent, of course (he has been crawling with his stomach off the floor for about 6 weeks). He never commando crawls anymore. Fine motor skills are also great. He has the pincer grasp down and is showing signs of pointing.

He plays peek a boo with a blanket or toy and its just about the cutest thing I have every seen.

Teeth: I’m going to do a separate post on this because we went from nothing to 5 teeth in the month of August. ADORABLE. His top teeth came in first and they are awesome. He hasn’t had too much pain, that we can tell. I think it has affected his sleep, but otherwise I haven’t noticed it getting him down during the day. He likes to chew on frozen toys sometimes.

I love this boy OH SO much.




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Month #8!

Doesn’t 8 months sound so old? He’s going to be 20 before I know it.

Size: Being a terrible estimator of his weight, I have no idea. But I do know that I worry that he is too skinny. But Clay thinks I’m silly.  He is doing very, very well. I really wish he would be a little chunkier. People always say he looks like a little boy and not a baby–and I think its because he doesn’t have that baby fat. It does make him very cute. All babies are different! He is in 9 month size clothing right now, and the 6-12 month stuff is a little wide, but great in length. 

Sleep: Things are pretty similar in this area. We have a lovely bed time routine of dinner, bath and story/song time. He goes down around 7:45/8pm into his pack and play. We have given the co sleeper back to the people who let us borrow theirs. I come to bed around 11pm. Sometimes, he wakes up and wants to nurse, other times, he sleeps though me coming in to the room. He always gets up around 4am to eat, then around 7am he is up for the day! Clay usually takes him to change his diaper and lets me sleep another 30 min or so before work.

George still naps 2 times a day, around 9am and 2pm. He usually sleeps for about 2 hours. He still naps in his swing…but its working for now!

Eating: George is doing very well with eating, but is still not a big solid food eater. He eats 6-8 times from me (with one bottle per day). He LOVES to nurse. He is now sitting up to nurse sometimes, which is really cute. He also can get really impatient when I don’t get the boob out fast enough. My nursing relationship with George is a highlight of my life. Its so special to have that connection with him–and as he gets older, its great to have even more interaction with him.

Solid food still goes back and forth. Sometimes, he eats like CRAZY. Other times, he won’t eat at all. The one thing he really likes is to feed himself puffs and mum mums. We are starting to introduce some soft cut up foods so he can feed himself, but he isn’t as into it. Overall, its going well!

For every meal, we give him some puffs as an appetizer, while we get his puree ready. He eats oatmeal and a fruit or veggie. After he eats that (or doesn’t) then he gets a mum. Its working out nicely.

Temperament: George is all smiles these days. He is in the best mood when he wakes up in the morning and after naps. He goes down hill at nap time so its pretty clear when its time to put him down. He loves to stick his tongue out. Its so cute.

We are trying to institue boundaries around a few things. For example, not pulling on cords or standing up in the bath. Its funny how different his reactions are to these two things. When he goes for the cords and I say ‘no’ and stop him, he turns around with a big smile on his face. I have to take him away from the cords. But, its no biggie to him. However, when I don’t let him stand up in the bath, its like I took away his best friend. He get SO mad and cries!

Milestones: George is hitting his milestones like a champ! He is crawling with his belly off the floor (but still prefers, and goes faster, with it on the floor). He uses his toes as little propellers, so he calluses on them. Hilarious. He is pulling up on EVERYTHING. He has gotten SO much better at this and is falling less. He does some cruising, but is still unsteady in this area. He can go from sitting to crawling and from crawling to sitting very well.

He is happiest when he is pulling/standing up. When I try to put him down for naps in the pack and play, he cries but then gets ereally quiet. I look at the video monitor, and sure enough, he is standing up and happy as a clam.

Because of his love of puffs, he has mastered the pincer grasp pretty well. He is babbling mama, baba, gaga and many other sounds. Still no dada, yet! He is also using gestures to indicate when he wants something (like raising his arms for ‘up’ and reaching and opening and closing his hand when he wants something). We are doing some signs with him, but haven’t seen anything back, yet. He loves to drop objects and see where they go, play peek a boo with objects and look for them when they are hidden. He enjoys playing “with” other babies. He thinks they are fascinating!

Hearing: George just had a follow up hearing screen where he was hearing at 20 decibels, which is normal. He still has some fluid/negative pressure in his ear drum. We will go back when he is about a year old for a recheck. But they anticipate no problems. They also were very happy with his interactions and babbling. They saw no red flags for delayed speech at this time. But, we will keep a very close eye on this!

Teeth: On July 29, I stuck my finger in George’s mouth and felt a little bit of tooth sticking through his bottom gum, on the left side. I wasn’t surprised because his drool, tongue movements and hands in mouth had increased. Can’t believe my baby is going to have teeth soon!!

My boy is growing up so well. We love every minute!


7 months!

I didn’t think it was possible, but I fall more and more in love with George everyday. And here we are, at 7 months!

Size: Not sure of his exact size, but he seems like he is growing like a weed. The 9 month onesies are fitting really well now and I feel like he is getting a little bit of chunk to his legs. His legs seem longer to me, too. And I don’t know if this is technically about ‘size’ but his hair is getting SO long. I think we are going to have to trim it, but I’m so conflicted because its SO cute and SO George. But its starting to get into his eyes and I need to get over it.

Sleep: Last month we were really struggling with this. George had made a cognitive transition and became more aware, this made him MUCH harder to put down to sleep. Over the last month, we did some hard work and it definitely paid off. Clay and I agreed that we were not ready for cry it out sleep training. Instead, we decided to stick hard to a night time schedule where I still nursed him down and that has worked out great. He goes to sleep at 8pm, stirs up when I come to bed around 10-11pm and has a snack. He then sleeps until 5am and 7am to eat. He doesn’t even open his eyes for the 11pm or 5am feeding. I also sleep through the 5am feed. I like that he still does night feedings, because I think he needs the calories.

His naps have also improved and are on a pretty routine schedule. He had a morning nap around 9/10pm that lasts 1.5-2.5 hours. Then he has an afternoon nap around 2pm that lasts 1-2 hours. For his nap he is not nursed, but Clay does put him in his swing. It is working for us right now, but we will start to transition him to his crib soon.

Eating: George has made a huge leap in eating solids over the past few weeks. He is getting so much better and the process has much been easier. He eats 1-2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 1 oz of a fruit of veggie for a meal, 2-3 times a day. He loves peaches. He is okay on the green beans. We try to give him one serving of prunes a day since he still does not have regular bowel movements (this is not a big deal, but something we keep an eye on).

I am planning on introducing small pieces of soft foods in the next week or so. He’s done this with banana a few times and has done great. Also, sometimes I give him big chucks of apple, carrot or green pepper to chew on if I’m watching him. He likes that. George is also doing great with a sippy cup and has a little bit of water daily.

For nursing, he still has 6-7 good sessions a day, with some snacking when I am home. If I’m holding him he will ask to nurse for just a little bit. Or he’ll crawl over and rub his face in my chest, which is hilarious. He seems to be doing this more in the hot weather, probably because he is thirsty. He also has shorter, frequent nursing sessions because he gets distracted. Nursing on demand has worked out great for me and has kept my pumping supply solid. Clay still gives him a 6-8 ounce bottle a day when I’m at work. I’m happy this is still going so well!

Temperament: George is the greatest baby ever. The most sweet and clever. I really believe this. Because its true. 😉

Oh, but there is this…


In all seriousness, he is in a good mood 90% of the time–and this has improved since we got him on his new ‘big baby’ schedule. Of course he has his moments, but usually when he is tired or uncomfortable. But he loves people and other kids. He is so curious and loves to touch them and be held. Still no major stranger danger, but he definitely keeps his eyes on mommy and daddy if other people are around. And even if he does get upset, he is easy to calm. He loves when we sing to him. He doesn’t like to be left along for long and WILL get our attention if we are neglecting him.

Milestones: This month is all about mobility and interaction. George started commando crawling, which is the cutest thing ever. He moves pretty darn quick. Sadly, this also lets me know just how dirty my floor is at any given time. And the front of his onesies are all stretched out. Hilarious. The unfortunate part is that his knees and toes are all raw from it. But he doesn’t seem to mind. He is also pulling up on low lying things (like the dishwasher, for example).

But the best thing is this amazing increase in his interaction…he even waved good bye to me this morning! It brought tears to my eyes. And, whenever he sees me or clay he gets SO excited and waves his arms about and smiles. He puts his arms up when he wants picked up. George also has started screaming high pitched screams when he gets excited. Its hilarious. It also means we can’t really go to nice restaurants anymore.

Hearing: This is probably this last time I will include this section because this has pretty much cleared up. We will have some follow up appointments, but all in all things are great in this area!

Teeth: None, and no sign of any!

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6 Month Update!

My guy is 6 months old. Half a year and the best 6 months of my life. Its hard to imagine a time when he wasn’t here. I’ve heard things really shift at six months and thats true for our little man. He is so much more aware and active!

Size: George is still a small banana baby. He was about 15 pounds (10%) at his 6 month check up. He is 27 inches long (50%). He is a little smaller (percentile wise) than at his 4 month appt, but this sometimes happens when they get active. Doctor said he looks great and is on his curves. I was a little nervous about how small he is, but did some reading about exclusively breastfed babies and found that there is a wide range of normal. All babies are different! But its my job to worry about stuff, right?? I feel like his luxurious head of hair is a pretty good indicator of just how healthy he is…ha!

Sleep: Whoa. This has gotten A LOT more challenging in the last few weeks. All of a sudden, George is fight sleeping, tooth and nail. He will start dozing off while he is eating and then slap himself in the face or pull his hair so he won’t sleep. Ugh. We have started a more consistent bedtime routine, including dinner then bath or walk (alternating days), story, eating then down to sleep around 8pm. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. I really want evenings back to spend with Clay and relax and George needs 10-12 hours of sleep. So, we are working on it. George wakes up usually 1 time during this stretch around 5am to eat. He still does well with naps, 2 or 3 a day for an hour or two. We are playing with the 3rd nap to see how it effects his bedtime. We are still co-sleeping and its still working well for us.

Eating: The biggest change this month is SOLIDS! He has now had avocado, mango, prunes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and pears (in that order). Next up is green beans! He is an okay at it, but is learning fast. He has never been a lusty eater, but I think he likes the food. I’m making all of his food and really enjoy it. And it actually tastes really good. I think I need to eat more purees.

He is still eating 6-8 times a day from me. He gets SO distracted while he is nursing and pops off to look around and it drives me a little nuts. But nursing is a quiet place and singing a calming song before we start tends to help. I also got a nursing necklace from chewbeads that helps keep him busy.  He gets 1 bottle from daddy in the mornings when I’m at work (6-8 ounces).

Temperament: Still the sweetest boy ever, of course. We see more and more of his little personality every day. George is quick with a smile and has a FANTASTIC belly laugh. He loves to flirt with everyone and anyone can hold and love on him.

He is incredibly laid back most of the time, but is starting to get pissed when things don’t go his way. Its getting less and less cute. Haha. George still rarely cries–usually only when tired or if he is trying to chew something and we take it away. Oh, and the arching his back when crying has made its debut. Awesome. But, he is pretty tough and doesn’t cry when he falls over and bonks his head or similar things. He is SO alert and watches everything. He loves watching cars go by, so if he is ever upset, I take him out on the front porch and he calms down instantly.

Milestones: George is a pro at rolling in both directions (he has been doing this for quite sometime). He can get up on his hands and knees for a bit, but mainly is just pushing forward with his legs, or pulling forward with his arms. He can go pretty far by scooting. Once these get coordinated, we are in trouble. If there is something he wants, he WILL get to it, either by rolling, scooting or pulling it. He still loves to stand and can hold himself up on objects.

George is really good at sitting up on his own now with the use of his hands. He started at about 5.5 months, but was really wobbly. Now he hardly ever falls over (unless he wants to). He even rode in the cart like a big boy at IKEA. He’s great with manipulating objects and loves to play.

Hearing: He seems to be doing SO much better, but we will know more in Friday 6/8 when he has a booth test.

He is the best baby ever. Don’t you just want to pick him up and cover him in kisses??


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