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Its hard to be a baby

Apple Pickin’

This past saturday I took George apple picking with our friends Kim and Mike. Sadly, Clay couldn’t make it because of his broken ankle (need to do a post on that!). We missed him, but still had a good time!

I can’t even tell you how much he LOVED being outside and in the grass. It made me so happy to see him crawling all over, trying to climb trees and digging in the dirt.

He made lots of little baby friends–one boy walked over to him and gave him a big kiss on the lips!! Adorable. And we played on the swings and playground.

We picked apples, ate country ham sandwiches and apple cider donuts–and of course drank fresh apple cider. It was a gorgeous day.

And of course, we have lots of apples to eat! I spent Sunday afternoon making apple crisp and I put a bunch in the freezer for later.

Fall is easily my favorite season.




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3 Williams Men…and a Cat.

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I’m SO late with this post because George has been cruising for weeks now. He started by walking along the coffee table at around 7 months, the went on to turning corners and transferring from furniture to furniture/walls by 8 months. Now, at 9 months, he is incredibly stable and all over! He goes from crawling to standing and back again like its nothing. Grandad Williams got him a push toy to help him walk around the room–something he desperately wanted to do!

He can also walk (slowly) just holding one of my hands.

My boy is getting so big!

Side note: I saw a dreft commercial that said that you have child forever, but you only have a baby for one year. I promptly BAWLED my eyes out for like 10 minutes. Sigh. My baby is going to be a toddler…and soon!



Friday Favorites: Books!

George is developing favorite items, foods and activities, so I thought I would start a new series of posts to document these things!

We have been reading to George since birth. At first, he was a captive audience and I read novels to him (like my favorite–Boy by Roald Dahl). Then, he started moving around and like to grab the books and put them in his mouth, so we “read” soft books. He held one and chewed on it while I read another one. But latley, he has been really paying attention when we read to him.

And he LOVES these books:

We received these four of these Usborne touchy-feely books from several different people. We read one every night because they keep his attention with an exciting spot of texture to feel on every page.

He loves to turn the pages and see what it next! Then his little fingers go right for the bumpy, squashy or tufty area.

I can’t wait to read Harry Potter with him. Maybe we can get a touchy-feely version. 🙂


Magruder Park

George and I went to the park on monday and we had such a fun time! Fall is approaching and the weather was incredible.





George loved playing in the dirt and trying to eat wood chips. And of course, the steering wheels and tunnels were a huge hit!

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Time with Pap Hays

George got to have some great Pap time at the park on labor day weekend. My dad just loves being with George.

The park was a blast, George loved the swing (although it made him a bit sleepy).

And the slide was pretty great, too.

Its great to have my family so close (only 1.5 hours away in PA). We get up there as much as we can!




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This week I am working from home all week…and taking some leave, as getting an 8 hour day in around here is tough! I’m loving getting to spend all this time with my little man. However, at the same time, I also value getting out of the house everyday. I love my job and my office. My heart is definitely pulled in two directions.

But for this one week, I can just enjoy my little boy and get as much work done as I can at the same time.  I am so lucky to have this flexibility in my job.

I love this pic because you can see those two top teeth poking through!

Its going to be a great week!



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9 Months!

Wow, I’m late is posting this! We’ve had a few crazy weeks, but luckily I got these pictures on the 9/1, so we know just what he looked like on his 9 month birthday.

George is growing like crazy. He is the sweetest, sweetest boy. 9 months seems so old-I simply cannot believe its been that long. He is obviously one very cool dude.

Size: George is still a small little banana baby. The dr was quite happy with his weight at his 9 month appt because he is staying on his curve. At his appointment he weighed nearly 17 pounds (10% percentile) and was 27.5 inches (25%).

I just switched him over to 12 month sized clothes because they were getting a little short. They look great and its so much fun to get a whole new wardrobe in rotation for him.

Sleep: We have had a little back tracking in this area. He has started waking up more frequently (as many as four times a night), not sure if its a growth spurt or teeth issues. But, we are keeping a sleep log and I’m also reading the no cry sleep solution for some help. Hopefully things will improve over the next few months. Luckily, its nothing we can’t handle.

Naps on the other hand are going great. He is still taking two naps each day, about 2 hours a piece in his swing.

Eating: George has come so far in this area! He is self feeding for every meal. We are trying to give him a little by spoon with each meal, but he mostly loves to just do it himself. His favorite foods are peas, peaches, puffs, yogurt melts and of course MUMS. Wow, he loves those. He eats three meals a day at 8am, 12:30pm and 6pm. I think I will introduce a snack around 4pm or so in the coming weeks. He still eats about 6 times a day from me, but I have noticed that he wants to nurse a little less and it eating more solid food. Right on schedule!

Temperament: George is so alert and interactive. He is sweet, loving and even keeled (like is daddy). Its hard to believe such a chill baby came out of me, to be honest.

He is learning to push boundaries a little bit and he even slowly, carefully bit me during nursing while looking me in the eye to see what I would do. But, when I told him no, he listened and hasn’t done it since.

George had a MAJOR change this month because Clay got a job. He is now working full time and not home with George. This was hard for both me and George. My mom and sister were with him, but he is having some separation anxiety. He wants mommy or daddy to hold him all the time. On the whole, he is adjusting well.

Milestones: The most fun update! George is talking up a storm. He sounds like he is telling elaborate stories wit his babbles and we can’t get enough. He also repeats sounds that we make, if we make low sounds he does, too. Same for high sounds. It been great to have these interactions.


We are still keeping our eye out for any language delays since George couldn’t really hear at speaking level for the first 5 months of his life or so! His official first word is MUM MUM, if you can believe it. I would like to say its mama (which he is also saying to me), but mum mum is much more consistently associated with the actual object. He also says ‘baba’ when he wants to nurse, but this is also not as clear as MUMUMUM.

His gross motor skills are awesome. He moves around like a champ and is cruising like crazy. He walks all around holding on to whatever he can get to. Crawling is excellent, of course (he has been crawling with his stomach off the floor for about 6 weeks). He never commando crawls anymore. Fine motor skills are also great. He has the pincer grasp down and is showing signs of pointing.

He plays peek a boo with a blanket or toy and its just about the cutest thing I have every seen.

Teeth: I’m going to do a separate post on this because we went from nothing to 5 teeth in the month of August. ADORABLE. His top teeth came in first and they are awesome. He hasn’t had too much pain, that we can tell. I think it has affected his sleep, but otherwise I haven’t noticed it getting him down during the day. He likes to chew on frozen toys sometimes.

I love this boy OH SO much.




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Hershey Park!

Growing up, I went to Hershey park almost every year. It was so much fun. My family would go to chocolate world, get on all the roller coasters and eat delicious food and chocolate. Now, we are continuing that tradition with George! Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Keela went with us on 8/31. We did the after dusk ticket. It was SO smart. Not only was it half price, but it was much cooler and less crowded. The longest we waited for a ride was 20 minutes–but mostly we just waited 5-10 minutes.

Before we went in to the park we had to go to Chocolate World. George nursed the whole time–it was the perfect time to get a snack in!! Then, the grown ups had to get their snack. We got milk shakes and a cupcake. Yum. George even tried to get in on the action, but sadly he can’t work a straw yet.

 We also HAD to get his picture by the “this tall to ride” height charts–its tradition!!! He is a miniature now…can’t wait to watch him grow every year! Next year he will even be able to get on some kiddie rides. 🙂

Nana had such good time loving on George while we rode all the coasters. George was a trooper. He didn’t cry or fuss at all, loved watching the rides go by and at the end of the evening fell asleep in the ergo all cuddled up with mommy. But with this crew, how could he not have a blast?


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