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Its hard to be a baby

First date

George went on his first date, but wasn’t too thrilled about having a chaperone. ūüôā


And he needs to learn to pay more attention to his lady friend.


But at least wore his best outfit!



Power outage

This weekend we had a power outage that lasted about 20 hours. A huge storm on Friday night knocked down some power lines down the street. But we didn’t lose power until Saturday night when they were fixing the lines.

It was a long hot 20 hours. What scared me the most was possibly losing my huge stash of breast milk in the freezer. Luckily, a neighbor came to the rescue on that front.

It also turns out that sweaty nursing is not fun. George and I were both so hot and miserable. But otherwise we actually had a good day of family time.

George just wore a diaper all day and really enjoyed it! He’s crawling around so much now that his tummy got all red from the carpet. But he didn’t seem to mind.


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First Illness

Not a milestone that’s¬†particularly¬†exciting!

A few nights ago I woke up feeling really sick with a bad stomach ache and ended up throwing up twice. Clay also felt bad all week. But we thought it was from something we ate. But last night, George woke up around 10:30pm throwing up. It was so sad. My poor boy threw up all his prune and oatmeal dinner. It scared me half to death, though, because when I went in to get him, it was dark and the throw up looked bloody. Luckily, Clay came in and turned on his light. Whew. Just prunes.

But even after we knew it was just run of the mill stomach bug, it was still an unpleasant evening. He curled up on us going through cycles of sleeping, whining and vomiting. Finally, he nursed and fell asleep for the night. He woke up to nurse frequently, which made me feel better. He kept it down and was getting fluids.

We are actually really lucky because he was only sick for about 4 hours total. He is doing really well today.

I know we will have more illnesses, skinned knees and maybe even stitches or broken bones. But last night, I came to know just one of the ways parenting is so hard. When I was holding him and he was heaving and crying, I felt so helpless and just wanted it to be me. I spent the day trying to get the image of him getting sick out of my head. I also reminded myself how lucky we are that this was just a mild illness with an end and no serious consequences.

So grateful for my strong, healthy boy.



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Father’s Day!

George loves his daddy. I love George’s daddy. Noticing a theme?

When I met Clay, I knew¬†instantly¬†that he would be an amazing dad. It’s really one of the first impressions he made on me. Clearly, I didn’t mention that to him for a long while. Ha.

And I have never been so right about anything.

Clay is so good at so many things–standardized tests, keeping secrets, super mario, packing efficiently, understanding the puzzle of the law, thinking of little surprises for me–but honestly, he is the best at being a dad. His love for George is simple and pure. He knows that baby inside and out and can predict what he needs at the drop of a hat. He has no fear of dirty diapers, a screaming baby or sleepless nights. Its all about George. And our little guy is thriving because of it.

He doesn’t have to think, it just comes. He does it with ease.

Its beautiful.¬†Like him…and the baby we made together.

Happy Father’s Day, Clay.

We love you.

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Bedford Springs Weekend

Last year, when I was 7 months¬†pregnant, I was part of a grant review and had to stay in a hotel for nearly a month. It was actually pretty fabulous for a pregnant lady. I didn’t have to commute, someone cleaned up after me and all my meals were prepared. YES.

Another perk was that I got two free nights at any omni hotel through their rewards program. We used them this past weekend at the Bedford Springs Resort.

It was simply gorgeous. And we were able to celebrate our 3rd¬†anniversary¬†and Clay’s first father’s day.

The hotel was gorgeous and had lots of fun¬†activities. We hiked, swam, roasted¬†marshmallows¬†and made s’mores. And of course, ate delicious food! Not to mention the room…

You KNOW I spent a lot of time in that tub.

We also spent a lot of time outside and it was lovely.

It was George’s first vacation and he takes to¬†luxury¬†very well. Ha.

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Commando Crawl

On June 16th, George learned the commando crawl! I was in the bath in the hotel room and I could see George playing on the floor in the room. He got so excited and took off toward me. He made it all the way into the tub. We were so proud. You can see how big the room is!

I have a video of this, but can’t upload it on the blog, but you can see it here. But its so fun to watch him crawling all over the floor. He even gets up on his hands and knees and rocks pretty¬†frequently.¬†I think he will be fully crawling pretty soon!

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Hearing Update!

Great news: George does NOT need tubes in his ears!

(I don’t have any related pics, so enjoy the randomness)

On June 8th, we went to the audiologist to do a team booth test. George kicked butt. Its called a team test because on audiologist sits in front of George to watch his response and show him toys as rewards. The other sits behind the glass and runs the sound program.

They had to run the program for older babies with random intervals of sounds because he was anticipating sounds when played at regular intervals. Most babies his age don’t do that. Yeah, so smart. (Clay told me not to put that on here…but sorry–mama’s gotta brag).

He did really well with the test and showed that he can hear normal voice level. VERY important. He still showed a little deficiency in the higher and lower ranges. After the booth test, they did the ear drum test. It showed negative pressure. This indicates that the fluid is GONE. Yay. But, the fluid left a vacuum in there, which can impede hearing in those far ranges. The two test results line up, so we know he is getting better and better.

He goes back in two months and hopefully he will be hearing totally normally! He is hitting all his language milestones so far–babbling baba, gaga and mama. Clay is greatly anticipating dada.

I’m just so¬†relieved¬†he doesn’t need to have a little surgery. I knew that he would fine regardless, but just glad we don’t have to deal with it. We feel¬†luckily not only¬†that this has resolved itself, but that we had the tools and support to keep an eye on it.


Can I be cliche for a moment?

It really does happen SO fast.

I changed George over to his 6-9 months clothes the other day and pulled out this onesie.  Its the same one he went home in, but instead of newborn, its 9 months! I had to compare the two. Just look at that big boy. Amazing.


First Swimming Lesson

George and I went to our first Parent/Tot swimming lesson on Monday. We had a great time. Luckily, daddy came along to take pictures. ūüôā

It took up a lot of courage and some¬†encouragement¬†from Clay, but I dunked George 3 times! He did great and just fussed a little. I know this will get much easier–and its great for him to be exposed to water.

I think he looks like me in this shot!

We sang twinkle twinkle little star and floated them around in a circle on their backs and on their tummies.

George just loves the water and was ready to play with his buddies!

We¬†have them twice a week for a month and I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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Sleeping with Grandmas

Grandma Williams:

Grandma Hays:

And sadly, I don’t have one with Nana Kennedy because when he was sleeping with her, Clay and I were out having grown up time. ūüôā When Nana called to say he was asleep we were so excited to get a little more time to hang out with each other. But this is RIGHT before he fell asleep…as you can see by the sleepy eyes.

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