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Its hard to be a baby

The return of the wings

I was a little sad when we cut off the wings, but never fear! They are making a come back!!




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Yummy Baby

I really could just eat this baby UP.



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Annapolis with Grandma Williams!

Grandma Williams is here visiting for the past week or so and we have had such a good time. She is hanging around with George, cooking (mashed potatooooooooes) and helping us out in general. We’ve also had some fun outings, including going to Annapolis.


We walked around, enjoyed the water and ate chocolates and ice cream. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Annapolis is such a pretty little city.

George is loving his new stroller. He even napped a little on the way back to the car.

We love having family come to visit!


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Sea Food, Eat Food

George went on an exciting trip with grandma and some friends to a seafood restaurant. It is right on the water in Annapolis. Clay was the most excited of all of us, of course, because of his undying love of seafood. He doesn’t get to go much since I’m not a seafood person. But I can always find something I like (chicken sandwich, anyone?).

It was a lovely day.


Clay and Cory shared a dozen crabs.


George got in on the action, too. Well, he just ate his puffs and tried to avoid the stare down by crab in front of him. But he can eat crab, someday. Take that crab!


Laurelea and Avery had a great time, too, with their enormous kids meals!

Then, we went down and saw the crabs (pre-boil) and some ducks. George was having a REALLY hard time understanding why he couldn’t get in the water and splash about with the ducks.

Esther had a run in with the ducks that resulted in her giving them Avery’s fry so they wouldn’t eat her or her first born. Here, you can see that she has the post-brush-with-death exhilaration going on:


Whew, so happy to be alive.

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Hanging Around






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Last night we got caught in a crazy rainstorm while out on our evening walk. Luckily we took the umbrella and George had lots coverage in his stroller! Just his little feet got wet.


And George really enjoyed mom’s treat. Or the wrapper of mom’s treat, anyway.


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Tunnel of Love

George LOVES his tunnel. Check out a video of him enjoying it here.




He could spend all day going through it–he just laughs and laughs!


Family Photos

When George was 7.5 months, we had family photos done by my very talented cousin Mallory. Here are the highlights!

Enjoy! We love them.

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Saturday morning

I’d like to sleep in, but I’m a baby. So I have to do my duty and wake you up. Sigh. It’s hard to be a baby.


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Our Little Omnivore

George was eating all grains, fruits and veggies until just a few days ago. On August 8th, he ate chicken for the first time. Being big meat eaters ourselves, we were so proud.

For the last few weeks, he was having trouble with purees because he hates the spoon. I think two things happened that caused this–he started to get teeth and so his little gums are sore. Also, I started giving him puffs and mums. Things he that he can feed himself. And it turns out, he loves to feed himself.


Therefore, we have totally switched tactics for meal times. Instead of pushing the purees, we are just giving him soft food from our meals. It started just a few nights ago when we went out for dinner after I got done with my conference.


It was an unexpected dinner outing, so we just had snack for him. We thought, why not just give him some of our food?

Getting that first taste of chicken…


He ate carrots, potatoes, and chicken heartily.


And now we have a very happy boy! We told the waiter that it was his first time to ever have chicken and he was so sweet about it. He even brought us a free dessert to celebrate! We had to give George a little taste of that as well, of course…I mean the waiter did bring three spoons!! 🙂



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