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Its hard to be a baby

Fall Weekend

We had a weekend FULL of fall activities. We went to the go moms brunch, boo at the zoo, Jackie’s 2nd birthday party and the traditional fall fest at the Breitbarth’s. And, of course, I forgot my camera for all most all of the events. Not like me at all!!

But, here are some iphone shots and stuff stolen from friends. 🙂

Boo at the Zoo

Laurelea with a glow pop!

George learned to clap and was showing off.

This is from Jackie’s party–George and Jackie’s little sister Naomi had a blast with the jumperoo. I got no other pics. So bad!!

And we had a lovely autumn stroll. It was a very full but fun weekend!

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Babies in Costumes

The gomoms group (neighborhood kids George’s age) got together for a Halloween brunch to get pics of all the babies in their costumes. It was SO cute and George had such a good time with the other kids. He just loves other babies. When he sees them he starts squealing and “talking” to them.

George was adorable as a little lion.

And here is the whole group.

And these are George’s boys. They are in age order–George is the oldest at nearly 11 months, next is Maddox who is 10 months, then Cortland at 9 months and Alex at 8 months. These boys are going to be trouble!!

They have so much fun together.

George also had a great time exploring, but stopped frequently to check on mommy and wave or show me something.  🙂


Week with Pap!

George got to spend another week with grandparents. This time, Pap Hays came down to take care of George for a few days.

They had a great time going on walks, playing and eating. Somehow, Pap also had time to completely take care of our yard as well. He mowed, pruned all the trees and bushes, weeded and trimmed all around our fence. It looks like a whole different yard. Yay!

George also had his first greasy fingers when he played with nuts and bolts from the Pap was fixing the mower. I was amazing at how quickly he caught on to putting washers over the bolts and putting the bolts into pretty small holes. Great fine motor skill practice. And whenever the bolt made it in, he made the HAPPIEST face. So cute.

And here are some shots from the rest of their week. Pap may have gotten peed on…



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Friday Favorites: FALL

George loves fall! Pap Hays did some raking and George really got to enjoy the leaves. I got these pictures at work and got a huge kick out of them. So cute.Image


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Charleston and the Wedding!

Our trip to Charleston was to see Clay’s god sister, Shannon, get married to her lovely husband Berkeley. The weekend was gorgeous, the weather could not have been better. Clay had a hard time getting around charleston on his foot, but he was a real trooper.

We arrived on Thursday and quickly set out to get some lunch and walk through the Charleston market. I got a Christmas tree ornament–I try to get one every where we go on vacation. We hung out with family and friends that evening at a wonderful cocktail party (and George got to play in a great playroom with a fun sitter!). Friday we shopped and ate, then went to the rehearsal dinner. George hung out with a family friend, Kay, and had a blast. He slept on her for two hours–they were both in heaven. 🙂

Saturday we ate and shopped again! Haha.

We also stopped off at a farmers market at the downtown square and played with George in the grass.

Then we stopped and got some lunch.

Then that evening we went to the wedding! George had a babysitter, but we went and got him and brought him to the reception to see Shannon and show off his little outfit.

George loved looking at the beautiful bride!



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Charleston Children’s Museum

We took a 10 day trip last week through NC and SC and George was incredible. He was so well behaved and go with the flow. He slept well, ate well and was just all around sweet. I am blessed with a sweet baby. He only had one melt down one morning while trying to take his nap. We decided that our poor easy going baby needed some time to stretch his legs and explore.

I found the Charleston Children Museum and off we went! George had  SO much fun.

He loved all the exhibits and played and played. His favorite was painting with water on the chalk boards. I couldn’t believe it, he picked the brush right up and started painting. He saw the other kids doing it and took off!

He really needed some special time with mommy and daddy.

They had a great toddler room where he could just play and chill. He made some friends and climbed, slid and bounced.

At the end he was so tired and a little fussy and we knew it was time to go! He fell asleep as soon as he hit the stoller! 🙂



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Friday Favorites: PEAS

George LOVES peas. He can’t get enough. He will eat around all of the other food and just want more peas.

If you know me, you know my relationship with vegetables. I swear, if I didn’t grow him in my body, I would not be convinced that he was related to me. Haha. I mean, come on, he eats all the green things BEFORE the brown things…I don’t get it!! 🙂




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Fun times with Uncle Curt!

George’s Uncle Curt lives in Blowing Rock and has the most.amazing.view.ever. Its not fair.

This is from his porch, if you can believe it.

And we had to get a silly one of course. Uncle Curt is tons of fun.

The boys also had a sleep over. It was so cute to see all those Williams boys cuddling–and don’t forget Polly the wonder dog! She was amazing with George all weekend. Such a sweetie.




Horn Reunion!

This past weekend we headed down to Shelby, NC to take George to his first Horn Reunion with his great grandparents–Bill and Elaine Horn.

George enjoyed crawling all over.

Hanging out with Grandmomma Williams (and showing off his new favorite face–scrunchy nose!)

After the reunion, we went back to the Horn’s house. George was the center of attention, as we all sat around and digested all the delicious food. George loved this little chair!

And of course, George got some great cuddle time. We just love that George has so much family to love him so much!! Just look at these two!! Melts my heart.

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Tweetsie Railroad

Clay and Uncle Curt took George to Tweetsie Railroad while I had a spa day at westglow spa. Yeah, I’m a lucky girl. I got a pedicure and wonderful blue ridge body wrap. And fell asleep all covered up in front of a fire with ginger tea, while looking at those amazing north carolina mountains in the relaxation lounge.

Oh, but back to George…he went to jail.

Rode the carousel (that lady must of thought he was super cute, she was looking at him in all the pics!)

Pretended to be a pumpkin (not fooling anyone).

And hung out at the train, but didn’t ride it! (? Don’t ask me…)

All and all a really fun day!


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