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Charlotte Visit: Discovery Place

on September 18, 2013

Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures in Charlotte. As George has gotten more mobile and I’ve gotten LESS mobile picture taking has gone by the wayside. I’m excited to get back to it very soon when I’m back to my normal self.

While we were in Charlotte we went to Discovery place with Grandad Williams. That place is SO awesome. There are so many exhibits and George loved them all. His favorites were the tractor and the kitchen. He loved taking the pans in and out of the oven.

And we can’t underestimate the love of the red sports car!





2 responses to “Charlotte Visit: Discovery Place

  1. Chris says:

    Dear Santa, I need a little red car.

  2. mary hays says:

    Wow! He actually looks like he is really driving somewhere in that red sports car and a little pro at that. One hand steering and his other arm out the window. He’s sooooo cute. Glad he had fun. You take care ,Thinking of you every day and WAITING………….LOVE YOU

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