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Its hard to be a baby


on October 16, 2014

George has had two periods of testing boundaries in the past few months. One was with hitting. It was during the two weeks we had off (daycare closure) and his routine was all off. The hitting was mainly directed at me and was tough. The second has been in the last few weeks with not listening and being defiant. This boy has a very strong will! We are focusing on positive discipline, while also using time outs. The hitting was stopped pretty quickly when Clay and I got on the same page, so we are enacting the same strategy with the listening. We also got a lot of books about good behavior. Books have worked well with him in the past (teeth brushing, hitting, manners, etc).

We also are trying a rewards chart with stickers!

Funny story: I picked him up at daycare the other day and Nubia told me that he wasn’t listening and that this was new for him at daycare. It had started about a week before at home, so I wasn’t super surprised. In the car on the way home we chatted about what it means to be a good listener. After we had talked about it, I made one last effort to be VERY CLEAR he needed to listen and obey.


“George, we need to listen to Ms. Nubia and Ms. Sulma. When they say clean up, you need to help clean up. They are in charge. ”

“They are in charge of me?”


“Oh, MAN. That makes me sad. I want to be in charge.”

“Yeah, I know its hard, but we all have people in charge of us. Mommy has a boss, Daddy has a boss. They are in charge of Mommy and Daddy.”

“That makes daddy sad, too. Like me.”


This kid.





One response to “Learning

  1. Chris says:

    Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Of course shaking your head is permissible too!

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