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Its hard to be a baby

Eat to the Beat

on October 7, 2014

George and eating. Oh my. Its been a challenge since within moments of his birth. He just isn’t into it. He had been maintaining his weight at about the 10 percentile. But at his 2.5 year appt he dropped off the curve. He hadn’t gained any weight in over 6 months (more like 8). He went from just being small to being painfully skinny.

So it was time to bring in the specialist. We saw the lovely folks at the feeding disorders clinic at Children’s National. The Dr was great and didn’t think there was any ‘wrong’ per se, but rather that George just doesn’t have an appetite. Every meal is a challenge because of this lack of hunger. We are trying an appetite stimulant and pediasure. He has gained about 3 pounds since the appt (6 weeks), which is HUGE.

But his eating habits haven’t really improved, its mainly the pediasure. I really hope that this will improve with age–I mean, toddlers are notoriously bad eaters anyway.

Our next appointment is on 11/7 and we will decide on next steps at that point.

Wish us luck!




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