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Friday Favs: Sharing a Room!

on April 4, 2014

Henry and George are now officially sharing a room! Its very cute to have them both in there sleeping. We rearranged the nursery a little to fit in the new crib. Since that room is so big, it wasn’t very hard to make it work.

The original plan was to move George to a toddler bed and move Henry into the existing crib. However, George is still sleeping SO well in the crib and has never tried to climb out. Its enough having Henry move into the room–we didn’t need any additional stresses! So, we decided just to get another crib. Both cribs convert to small toddler beds, so we will just do that as they get older.

We noticed that George was a little jealous that Henry got to stay in our room when he had to go to his room at bedtime. So, we started putting Henry down in there, too. George loves it. They are not disturbed by each other, its working out very well. George is much happier.

They both start out the night in there after bedtime stories, but Henry always ends up in our bed by morning! 🙂

Yay brothers!










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