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Movie night!

on April 3, 2014

We had the carlyles over for movie night last Friday! We had pizza and popcorn and watched frozen. It was really fun!

George does super well with movies. His attention span is growing all the time. I’ve noticed this in other areas of play (he is very good about finishing stuff when he starts it–sometimes this is hard when we have to do other things!). It was pretty cool to see it in action. And it’s also exciting because I feel very confident that he could sit through a movie at the theater or we could take him to a live show.

Henry only watched for a few minutes, of course. Haha.

George also surprises me with his memory. After he had seen frozen only one time, we would act out sections of the movie. And when we were coloring the other day, he drew a snow man and called him Olaf. He has many of his books memorized and calls me out if I try to skip a page (bad mommy!). Sigh.

So much fun to see my boy growing, changing, learning and becoming a little man!






One response to “Movie night!

  1. Chris says:

    Love that Henry tried to get some popcorn!

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