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5 months old!

on March 10, 2014

Henry is 5 months old. His personality is beginning to shine! He is the most jolly, happy guy. Just wonderful! He has had quite a month with some big changes!


Size: Henry is just overall a big boy. He is long and chubby. Although, I think he is getting a little less chucky and lengthening more. My estimate is that he is about 19-20 pounds. That is about 6 pounds over what George weighed at the same age. I’m sure he is also quite a bit longer. Henry is wearing 12 months clothes now, mainly for length. They are a little wide for him, but I need to be able to snap the onesies! He is still in size 3 diapers.



Sleep: No major changes in this area. Still not sleeping in super long stretches. He likes to wake up. Sigh. We put him down around 8pm and he sleeping to sometime between 1am and 3am. Then he is up every 2-3 hours after that. He naps at daycare and at home pretty well. He usually sleeps for 1-2 hours, once at 9am (or so) and once at 1pm (or so).


Eating: Oh, does my boy love to eat. He is a great nurser and I love, love, love nursing him. He is starting to play and interact while he nurses, which is always so much fun. I remember nursing got a lot easier with George around this age, and its the same. Henry can latch pretty much on his own. He gets two bottles a day at daycare and usually has 10-12 ounces. I am pumping about 10-12 with 2 pumps and have not even touched my back up stash yet. My concerns about keeping up seem to have been unfounded!


Temperament: Jolly. This boy smiles at EVERYONE. He is so flirty and friendly. He loves to do big belly laughs. All I have to do is look at him and I get a smile and a giggle. He thinks George is the funniest thing ever. His laugh is infectious and gets us all going! He even laughs in his sleep. He puts everything in his mouth–everything–and still loves the paci. I am trying to use it less and less…but we will see.


Milestones: Amazing! He can sit up on his own for short periods (although a hand to catch him needs to be available!). He can roll back and forth easily now and is starting to roll to get to places.  I can see that he is starting to think about crawling…his little mind is working and trying to get to things. He babbles and blows bubbles. He is getting some great consonant sounds. He has found his little feet and loves to play with them–although since his belly is chubby he has trouble getting them to his mouth. He turns when you say “Henry” and imitates sounds that you make. This is amazing, since George couldn’t hear at this age and wasn’t doing this stuff–the difference is SO striking. 


And of course, he got his first haircut this month!

Brothers: Still awesome! Sometimes he clearly wants attention when we are paying attention to Henry, but we just make sure to cuddle him and give him lots of attention when this happens. George has made me so proud. He clearly loves Henry and knows that he belongs to him. Watching George and Henry play is just incredible!



5 responses to “5 months old!

  1. Chris says:

    He’s 6 months old next week!

  2. Chris says:

    Says the busy wife and mother of 2 boys who also works full time!

  3. Cathryn Griffith says:

    Lonna and Clay, loved seeing all the great pics of Henry. He is just absolutely beautiful and looks like such a sweet guy! I do hope I am able to travel to Charlotte in April to see both of my great nephews! You and Clay are obviously doing a great job with this parenting thing!


    Great Aunt Cat

  4. Nana Kennedy says:

    Great pictures! He is just so adorable in everyway!

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