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Henry’s Hair CUT

on March 4, 2014

While Henry had crazy adorable hair, we had to get it trimmed. It was getting completely out of control and was getting in his eyes, stuck to his face with snot and drool and just generally in his way. He was constantly rubbing his eyes to get it out. I can tell he is so much more comfortable now!

We went to our favorite place, Pigtails and Crewcuts. Both boys got hair cuts. It was George’s 10th haircut, so his was 1/2 price! 🙂

George did just fine, of course, but Henry was not thrilled at all! He cried for most of it. The stylist was super patient and we got a really cute cut, even through his tears. Poor guy. Five months is just too young. The next one will be better, when he can sit up well unsupported.

Everyone at the salon made a huge deal out of how much hair he has (not just how crazy it was). The lady who cut it said she had never seen a young baby with such thick and long hair–I even braided it. He even beat out George, which I didn’t think was possible. Henry’s hair is also darker and a totally different texture.

Check out George’s first cut at 7.5 months HERE.

And check out my total stroke of brilliance in dressing them in the same outfit. Yup. I’m good.














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