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Its hard to be a baby

4 Months!

on February 12, 2014

Henry is now 4 months old! Wow! Its amazing how much they change from that 3 to 4 month mark.


Size:  At his 4 month appt Henry weighed 17lbs 10 ounces (88th) and was 26.25 inches (88th). So yes, a very large baby. He is wearing size 3 diapers (like his big bro) and is wearing 9 months clothing. Lots of little kissable rolls. And those rolls need cleaned! Haha. That’s new!


Sleep: Pretty much the same here. Sleeping in 4-6 hour stretches at night. He goes down easily and can sleep with a lot of noise. But, he likes to wake up at night and nurse and get some mommy snuggles. His naps are starting to be more consistent during the day so we are moving toward a schedule. No rush, but it will be nice! The wait it out method is working well for us right now!


Eating: Still my stellar nursling! He goes 2-4 hours between feedings 24 hours a day. Haha. With maybe one longer stretch at night.  I am still pumping and he does well on the bottle when I go into the office. He will start daycare soon and hopefully this will continue.


Temperament: Henry is a wonderful little guy. When he is not sick he is the happiest baby. Just sweet and easy going. When he was sick it was so hard because he was so needy, so it was clear just how bad he felt. Just heartbreaking. He is still using the paci and its working well. He is pretty orally fixated so it really helps him sleep.


Milestones: Doing great! He loves to stand, is a great supported sitter, plays with toys and loves to talk. He is imitating sounds like ‘uh-oh’ or ‘mamamamama’ or ‘babababa’ which is pretty cool!  And he always has his hands in his mouth! He is finally doing the mini push up–I think he had some trouble with this because he is so fat. 🙂 He is still rolling from back to front, but isn’t doing belly to back yet. He is SUCH a smiley and happy baby. His face just lights up when you talk to him. Such a joy.




Brothers: Still going very, very well. George always wants to know where Henry is and often shows affection for him. Most of the time, its just normal. There are some issues with the high chair because George doesn’t like when Henry sits in it during dinner, but this only happens once in awhile.  And sometimes there is some jealousy with toys, but all in all, still going smoothly. Henry has been such a wonderful and sweet addition to our family!




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