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Its hard to be a baby

George’s Quirks

on January 20, 2014

Oh my little George. He is SO sweet and hilarious. I wanted to log some of his little quirks right now because he might be the most adorable thing ever.

1. He always wants pizza to eat. Always.

2. All words that end with and ‘er’ come out ‘dert.’ For example–Watdert (water).

3. He loves to take a book to bed and falls asleep reading them (see pic below).

4. His favorite songs are Old McDonald, Elmo song and Twinkle Twinkle.

5. Must.take.selfies.

6. REALLY emphasizing a question by doing that sing song lift at the end of the sentence.

7. Manipulation is becoming an art form “mommy do it, I scared.” (not REALLY, I can see you smiling…)

8. Correcting me–‘No mommy, not a firetruck a CHOO CHOO.’ Oh, my mistake. 😉







One response to “George’s Quirks

  1. robert says:

    Falling asleep with a book…. 100% Clay at that age.

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