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Friday Favs: Pee Pee in the Potty!

on January 17, 2014

The other night, Clay and I were engrossed in conversation while getting George ready for his bath. All of a sudden George said, ‘I did it!’ and showed us that he had peed in the potty.

He kept saying ‘Hooray, Hooray’ which exactly what it says in the potty book my mom got him for Christmas. Its amazing how much sinks in from books! Whenever I want George to learn something I buy a book about it. Its worked for new brother, manners and now, potty.

Of course, this was a one time thing and we are no where NEAR trying to potty train him. We just have the potty set up casually and he is free to try it as he pleases. We are taking cues from him and will wait until he is completely ready–which I imagine is many months or even a year (or more) away. 🙂 20131231-081427.jpg


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