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Its hard to be a baby

3 months!

on January 13, 2014

I’m a little late on this one with the holidays, but here is my little guy at 3 months!


Size: HUGE. Henry is at least 16 pounds and probably closer to 17. Hard to tell on our home scale, but we will know for sure at his 4 month appt in a few weeks! He is growing out of his size 2 diapers and will probably be in size 3 after this new box runs out. That means that he and George will be wearing the same size diaper. Wow.


Henry is wearing 6 or 9 month clothing depending on the item. But I think I’m going to have to move him out of 6 month completely soon (Carter’s 6 month stuff still fits well, though). I just can’t get over how different  this is! He is my little fatty. Love his rolls and his ham hock legs.


Sleep: He is doing very well in this area. He is sleeping in 4-6 hour blocks at night now and goes down really easily. He isn’t on a schedule yet, but is starting to move into a routine. He naps at around 9am, then again around 1pm, then again around 5pm. Then goes down for his first long stretch around 9:30pm–sometimes. Other times he has this burst of energy around 10pm and  talks, moves and goes crazy! Its adorable.


We are just following his lead right now. When he goes to daycare at about 4.5 months we are going to start more of a schedule. We are dreading it a little because morning nap means that our weekends will be restricted again until he drops it in a year or so! Oh well. A good routine and well rested child is totally worth it. And we are SUPER excited for a regular bedtime–and you can’t have that without regular naps!

Eating: This kid loves the boob. He is stretching to every three hours during the day pretty regularly, but mommy needs to be around after 2 hours just in case! We also use nursing to help him calm down or relax, so he is very much an on demand feeder. And he loves to demand!


I go to the office 1 day per week and pump on those days. Henry has a bottle at home with the nanny. He takes a bottle well. I have been building my stash up for when he goes to daycare. Pumping sucks so much, but my production has been good. I’m really dreading when he goes to daycare and I have to pump EVERYDAY. Boo. But oh well, its all temporary.

Temperament: Two words: Sweet and temperamental. He loves to smile, laugh and yell. He will talk to anyone who is holding him. He lights up as soon as you smile at him. And he LOVES when I sing to him. But he will let you know if he’s not happy. Now that he isn’t sick and is out of the ‘fourth trimester’ he is much less high maintenance. We are still using the paci-he really likes it and it helps him go to sleep at night when nursing doesn’t knock him out.


Milestones: Henry is doing amazing in this area! He started rolling over from back to front on 12/29/13 (14.5 weeks) and does this really regularly now. He can sometimes roll from belly to back, but it isn’t as regular. He holds his head steady and can sit in the bumbo. He laughs and talks and coos back and forth with us (SO much fun).


He loves to play with toys and chew on them. He can bring things to his mouth clumsily and will bat at things with varying degrees of success. Oh, and he is totally a drooler! George didn’t drool or spit up, so this is strange for me. He is just such a fat, happy, stereotypical baby!


Brothers: Not much to report here. Henry has just become part of the family for George. No problems (as of yet). George likes to know where Henry is at all times if he can’t see him. He says, “Where’s Henny?”

Oh, and he calls him Henny. So we all do. 🙂


It makes me feel much better that Henry will be at daycare with George. Makes it even more of a second home for our boys! 🙂

Just love my little butterball!!



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