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George is TWO!!

on December 4, 2013

Our little man is TWO YEARS OLD!

We had a blast on his birthday. We made cake, ate pizza and hung out with friends. He got some amazing gifts, including train table items and a new bike. All of his favorite things!

Sadly, the bike is a little too big for him–parenting fail! Luckily he will only get bigger!

A quick update on George at two!

Size: George is 24 pounds (15th percentile) and nearly 34 inches (40th percentile). Still my long skinny boy! He wears 18-24 months clothes mostly, but is still in 12-18 months in some pants. He’s still in size 3 diapers. He does wear 4’s for his overnight diapers since he was leaking a bit in the 3’s.

Sleep: George has now dropped his morning nap completely and just takes one nap per day in the afternoon from 1-4pm or so. He sleeps on the cot at daycare and the crib at home. We don’t plan to move him until he is climbing out or asking directly for a big boy bed. He sleeps from about 8am-8pm. We have a nice bed time routine which involves LOTS of books and singing. And of course, some rough housing with daddy.

Eating: Dinner is by far the most challenging part of the day. He isn’t a great eater (never has been!). They tell me he eats great at daycare, so that’s good!  His favorite foods right now are PIZZA, PIZZA & PIZZA. Its all he talks about.

Temperament: George is smart and sweet. He repeats everything we say and is pretty go with the flow…for a toddler. Of course, he likes things the way he likes them. But we can take him almost anywhere (within reason) and can be confident that we can handle him. He mainly has melt downs at home.

He is a good listener. He had to have his blood drawn at the Dr. While we were waiting for his turn, he sat on my lap and I told him what was about to happen, showing him on his arm and telling him it would hurt a little. I explained that is was so important that he stay still. And we got the wiggles out and then practiced staying still.

He was INCREDIBLE. They put the needle in and he never moved. He got teary eyed and looked at me, but didn’t even really cry. And he said “all done” when the man took the needle out. Then he hopped right up! I was SO SO SO proud of him. I feel like that really captures his personality. He is just a good boy.

Milestones: Amazing. We got his 2 year assessment in the mail and did the activities with him and he got a perfect score. He is saying long sentences with abstract ideas, has an uncountable number of words, can count and sing ABCs (pretty well) and repeats EVERYTHING. He runs and jumps and stacks and sorts. I just couldn’t believe how well he did. He is perfect. Well, to me!

Brothers: George loves Henry. As long as Henry isn’t taking up too much of daddy’s time or touching his toys. 🙂

Overall, George is just a happy, healthy kid. He is a complete joy. He loves bikes, trains, sports (FOOTBALL!), mickey mouse, balls and being outside. He is sweet and gives the BEST kisses and hugs. Sometime he will just come up to me and say, ‘mommy, BIG hug!’ and throw his arms around me. He also loves all of his grandparents and knows them by name.

I may be biased, but he is pretty darn awesome.












One response to “George is TWO!!

  1. Chris says:

    I love your updates and I love, love, love the pictures you post! There can never be too many! Needless to say I love George!

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