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1 month update!

on October 23, 2013

Henry is one month old. I can’t believe it. He is the sweetest little guy. My dear friend Esther gave me these onesies and sticker for these updates–so cute!!


Size: Not sure exactly how much he weighs, but our bathroom scale says about 10 pounds. He was gaining like a maniac (2 oz per day) at the beginning so I’m not surprised. Next official weigh in is at 2 months. He is developing a double chin and some fat rolls which, of course, are adorable.


He is solidly in size 3 month clothes. He was in NB for about 2 weeks. He is also wearing size 1 diapers as of last week. 🙂

Sleep: Not so awesome in this department. The last few nights we’ve had a 3 hour stretch but he isn’t going any longer than that. Most of the time he is up every 2 hours (or a little less). We are a little sleep deprived around here, but we know its only temporary. He sleeps swaddled in the co-sleeper attached to our bed.


Eating: Henry LOVES to eat. He wants to nurse all day everyday. Sometimes he even over eats and it comes back up…thats been fun. My supply has been great and nursing has been going extremely well. He has a great latch and can nurse in all positions now. Makes  all those night time feedings much less exhausting.

It is such a relief that nursing went smoother this time, and even though he never gives me a break, I don’t have to stress about it. He also takes a bottle which removes a whole different stress! He is just so easy in this regard.


I’m also starting my stash by pumping 1-2 times a day. I pump the side he doesn’t feed from and usually get about 4 oz. I’m keeping track of it in a very cool app called Milk Maid. My goal is to get 100 oz or so in the freezer before I start back to work. I don’t need as large of a stash this time since I am working from home most of the time.

Temperament: Henry is sweet but has a temper (wonder who he takes after…). He is content almost all of the time, until he isn’t. Haha. He goes from zero to 10 in a flash. But he loves to cuddle and simply holding and talking to him almost always does the trick. (Ok, now he really sounds like his mom–right clay??) We also use the 5 S’s and LOVE LOVE LOVE the paci. But overall, he is peaceful and easy going.



This isn’t really temperament, but he has TERRIBLE baby acne just like George. He doesn’t have cradle cap like George did, as of yet. You can really see the baby acne when he gets upset!!


Milestones: Henry is still a little grub of course, but is making headway in head control and can lift his little head up. He hears very well (which is wonderful). He startles easily and is responsive to our voices and faces. He really stares at me when I’m singing (not sure if thats a compliment or not…). He can follow objects when he’s really awake.

My favorite thing that he is doing is making cooing sounds. I love his voice! Just the cutest little sounds. He does it when awake and very content. He was doing it last night in the bath with George. George would imitate it and they went back and forth. SO CUTE.


He smiles and laughs in his sleep, but no social smiles yet. Can’t wait!

Brothers: George is doing very well with Henry right now. He kisses and loves on him, loves to take a bath with him and has generally adapted well. He is fine with my paying attention to henry, but gets a little jealous when daddy holds the baby. He hasn’t had any major upsets to his routine and seems to be doing well in all areas. I think that things will get harder when he has to share with Henry…George is in a big ‘mine’ phase right now. Hopefully this will get better before Henry wants to play.


Clay and I are so happy with our little family.


One response to “1 month update!

  1. robert says:

    Me too….. “Clay and I are so happy with our little family.”

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