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Talking up a storm!!

on August 7, 2013

George is gaining an incredible number of new words everyday in both English and Spanish. He is simply amazing. He can say all his body parts, call all his grandparents by their various names and even called Clay’s brother “Uncle Curt!” He says all his friends names at daycare, too. He also tells us when he is peeing and pooping in his diaper by saying ‘poo poo.’

He is also putting words together into phrases 2-3 words long. He says ‘go get dada’ when I pick him up at daycare on the way to pick up Clay at the metro. He loved to say, “Hi/bye Sue” to grandma williams’ dog.

George also speaks in a lot of long streams of conversation that we don’t quite understand. Its so hard to know he is telling me something very specific and not be able to quite make it out! But he gets better everyday.

My list of English words is up to about 60 and Spanish words is about 10 (including Te Amo <3).

His comprehension is also greatly increased. Its so much fun!!



2 responses to “Talking up a storm!!

  1. Chris says:

    Sue ran upstairs Saturday morning to see if George had miraculously popped back into his room and bed overnight! It was rather sad.

  2. mary hays says:

    He is so precious and cute as he could be, I could just squeeze the poo poo out of him !!! Aiso; your 8 month picture looks great and looks like your are ready for it to be all over with. LOVE , YOUR NAN

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