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More Hawaii Trip!

on June 19, 2013

I found out I was going to Hawaii about a week before I had to leave. I begged Clay to brave the long trip and bring George. I couldn’t imagine being away from him for 9 days. The longest we had been apart previous to this trip was 10 hours.

Plus, I knew we would probably not get to go to Hawaii as a family again any time soon!

George came to Hawaii with Clay and went home with me. He did incredible on both flights. He didn’t sleep for clay, but was very well behaved (though exhausting). My flight was direct on the way home and he slept 7 of the 9 hour trip. I couldn’t get up to pee–but who cares! He was sleeping!

We had a great time while there. Got to see some amazing sites, gorgeous beaches and eat some delicious food. Traveling with an 18 month old is much easier than a 15 month old because George is SO much more self sufficient. Three months makes a huge difference. He slept great (no problems with the time change) and was easy going throughout the entire trip. He loves eating out with us and we never had any trouble at restaurants. Yes, I know we are amazingly blessed to have such an easy guy! Hope it lasts–though this might mean the teenage years are tough! 🙂

Here are some more pics from our trip.



One response to “More Hawaii Trip!

  1. Nana Kennedy says:

    I’m glad you all had a great time! It looks beautiful there! Love the matching Hawaii shirts and swim trunks…so cute! ❤

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