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Language Explosion!

on May 1, 2013

George has had a major language explosion over the last few weeks. Its crazy! I can’t believe how much he is saying and imitating. He talks, babbles and sings all the time. He also has words for things that we don’t quite recognize yet, so they are not listed. I also didn’t list the things he just imitates and doesn’t use on his own.

I do think that his ear tubes have assisted with him staying on track with language development. He did seem a little behind with babbling, mama/dada etc, but nothing major and once the tubes were placed he caught up right away.

Here is the list through the end of April. He had a few words starting in Sept/Oct of 2012 (#1-4), but things really picked up in April 2013 (from number 5 down).

  1. Mama
  2. Apple
  3. Up
  4. Ball
  5. bird
  6. woof
  7. meow
  8. thank you
  9. aqua
  10. vroom
  11. that
  12. mine
  13. no
  14. banana
  15. dada
  16. all done
  17. hi
  18. byebye
  19. night night
  20. yeah
  21. dog
  22. cat (dat)
  23. sit
  24. eat (along with the sign)
  25. car

And just for good fun, here is a picture of George TRYING to exercise his fairly new skill of drinking through a straw, but sadly the cup is empty. Don’t worry, George is not allowed to drink soda! 😉



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  1. Chris says:

    G’Momma Chris?

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