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Its hard to be a baby


on April 30, 2013

Things going on right now I don’t want to forget later:

1. First thing George says when he wakes up in the morning or from naps is “mama? mama?”  It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

2. His favorite thing right now is the oven mitt. He puts it on his arm and it goes all the way to his shoulder and he says ‘hot! hot!’  Hilarious. WP_20130430_003 WP_20130430_004 WP_20130430_006 WP_20130430_010 WP_20130430_011 WP_20130430_014

3. Clay reads to G every night and the favorites right now are pat the bunny and good night moon. I watch sometimes and love the way he smells the flowers in pat the bunny. He gets so into it.

4. Whenever he gets hungry he points to his mouth and signs ‘eat’ and goes ‘ah, ah’

5. One time he was being a little drama queen and I covered up my mouth so that he wouldn’t see me laugh…but it didn’t work. He just covered his mouth and started laughing just like me.

6. He sings ALL.THE.TIME. Favorites are happy birthday, twinkle twinkle and two songs from daycare. One that ends with him going ‘shhhh’ with his finger to his lips (I asked them about it and they sing it when the kiddos are getting loud–very cute). The other is about body parts and he points to them while singing.


2 responses to “Memorable

  1. Chris says:

    Watch the toilet! His Uncle Curt enjoyed flushing things! The worst was the empty deo. Container that was in the trash can. Cylinders do not flush. They stop and stop up! It took a plumber breaking the toilet to discover the problem! One afternoon of flushing equaled a plumbing bill and new toilet!

  2. Lara says:

    oven mitts are favorite in our house too.

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