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Friday Favs: Chocolate Ice Cream

on April 12, 2013

Tuesday was a wonderful day. I was feeling good for the first time in months, the weather was amazing and I was really productive at work. George and I had just come home from the park and we all sat down to dinner–this is a big deal because I haven’t been eating with them since I was sick. I couldn’t do the smells or messy eating.

After dinner Clay broke out the chocolate ice cream. George hasn’t really had ice cream before, so we were curious to see how he handled the cold and texture.

He loved it so much. With every bite, he closed his eyes and got the most wonderful, content smile on his face. It was one of those moments I always want to remember. Life was so good for him, he had all he needed–mommy, daddy and chocolaty ice cream. He was still hot from our hour at the park, so it probably made it extra awesome.

I never want to take a moment with my baby for granted, but of course I do. But watching him eat that ice cream, I knew I needed to burn it into my brain. He won’t be little forever–he won’t think his parents and ice cream are the best things ever for long. After awhile the ‘firsts’ will go away and things will become more everyday. But there is nothing like seeing the pleasure of something so simple on your child’s face.

I can still see that smile in my head. Perfection and joy. For him and for me.




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