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Mommy Turns 30!

on March 20, 2013

Today is my birthday and this past weekend Clay threw a wonderful party for me! George had a blast. We all chowed down on Emertia’s chicken and yummy cupcakes. My friends never cease to amaze me with their sweetness and generosity. Friends are such a gift. And Clay totally passed out at the end of it! He was exhausted. 🙂

350 IMG_3527 IMG_3530 IMG_3531 IMG_3535 IMG_3541




One response to “Mommy Turns 30!

  1. mary hays says:

    Happy [30th] Birthday to my not so little Springer any more ! I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday. George has changed so much again . He looks so much older with all those teeth now.I hope you are feeling better and not getting too sick anymore. You look wonderful in the picture. I’m predicting you are having a little girl this time. I hope Georgette is doing well. Just teasing! I didn’t send your card and gift ,I have it here , I was afraid to take a chance again. Let me know if you think it will be alright to send it and I will. And……you are right , Clay is completely done in from the looks of the way he is sleeping! God Bless Him! What a wonderful husband you have. Ok, gonna cut this short, HA-HA! Take Care, With All My Love, Your Nan oxoxoxoxo

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