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Daycare update

on February 6, 2013

George has been at daycare for about 1 month now and so much has changed from the last post about it!

He is doing SO well now.

Separation Anxiety: Worlds better!! He sometimes cries in the morning, but its much more rare now. And its more of just a whimper when it does happen. But most of the time now, he just goes off to play. We still leave pretty quickly. He also used to cry when I would return to pick him up, but he doesn’t do that anymore. He usually just smiles at me and comes over, or goes back to what he is doing.

Last friday I came for Laurelea’s birthday party and it was lots of fun. He even stayed in his seat and ate cake! Lots and lots of cake (see below!). Haha.

Eating: I don’t know if he is having a growth spurt or what, but George has improved SO much with eating–at daycare and at home. He eats a TON now. He uses his hands and sometimes even uses a spoon.

Sleeping: Also great! He takes his two naps a day and doesn’t cry when he goes down for his naps. The hardest part of the daycare transition for me was seeing him so tired. I wasn’t used to that and he would get cranky and frustrated so easily. I hated seeing him like that and I knew what was causing it. I just couldn’t do anything but wait it out.

But it worked and he has adjusted beautifully.



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