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New Car!

on February 5, 2013

Last week we sold the yaris and got a new car!

I got the Yaris in September of 2006 (pre-Clay!) and LOVED that car so much. It got amazing gas mileage and was just the perfect little car. For two people.

Once George came along the tiny car got cramped really quick. But, we made it work as long as we could. While George was at home it was fine, because we just got him in and out of the car on the weekends. But, with the shift to daycare it made it a HUGE pain. We had to climb all the way in the car to get him into/out of his seat. Really annoying.

We knew exactly what new car we were going to get. We had done the research and test drove one months and months ago. But, we hesititated to pull the trigger.

But, one day, we just listed the Yaris on craigslist to see what would happen. And we got a nibble right away! The car sold the next day and was gone a few days later! We had two days without a car at all–which I will never do again–and then we bought the “new to us” Mazda5! Its a 2012 and has about 34,000 miles on it.

Its a great car. It has sliding doors on both sides, so getting G in and out is super easy. Its bigger and more comfortable. Its great for our family. We are thrilled!!



One response to “New Car!

  1. Chris says:

    Robert had a 1971 Fiat that he bought while at Carolina. I’m sure he never, ever expected to bring a baby home from the hospital (Clay) in it 8 years later! But he did and continued to drive it for several more years! Poor car …

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