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Ear Tubes!

on January 17, 2013

Yesterday, George had his first surgery to have ear tubes placed. I was VERY nervous, but George was incredible. He hardly cried, was so agreeable and was back to himself by the time we got home!

We woke at 5am to get ready and left at 5:45am to head up to the Kaiser ambulatory surgical center in Gaithersburg. We took George straight to the car in his PJs. He was awake, but groggy for the ride. We arrived at 6:30am and checked in. Everyone was very nice to all of us. They brought George a warm blanket and all the nurses and doctors (not just his) had to stop by and say hello.

George did great, but wanted to nurse. He’s always been able to nurse on demand, so he wasn’t too happy. I held it together really well for all that part. I asked my questions, expressed my concerns and was playful with George. I didn’t want him to see me upset and get scared. Then, it came time to take him back. It was hard to decide who would take him back, but in the end I felt I should do it. I think Clay was a little bummed, but because I was so worried he let me do what I needed to do. He is awesome like that (thanks, hun).

I got my booties, robe and hat on and carried him back to the OR. The staff was so sweet. I laid him on the warm blanket and he was so content. He was pointing at all the bright lights, clapping and talking to all the drs and nurses. He even let them put all the monitors on his fingers and belly. They were all amazed at how easy-going he is!

Finally, she put the mask over his little face. We all (really–everyone) sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as he went to sleep. He looked me right in the eyes the entire time. I told him that mommy loved him SO much. I was sobbing and very scared at that point. They said he was out and I kissed him on the forehead and left. The anesthesiologist gave me a hug and reassured me on the way out.

As predicted, it was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I was really upset at first, but Clay talked me through my anxiety and had me take deep calming breaths. He was fantastic and a great partner, as usual!

After about 20 min, the dr came and got me and told me that the surgery was a success. She said the fluid in his right ear was like glue and both of his ears were really, really full of fluid. She said there was no way it was coming out without the surgery. It felt good to know we made the right decision.

I heard him crying as she was talking to me and the nurse said I could go back, he had just started to wake. I ran (literally) and took him from the nurse and immediately nursed him. He calmed down right away and nursed for about 45 min in recovery. He was in a good mood in no time. Clay went and got the ear drops at the pharmacy downstairs and came back up to us. Then we got him dressed and went home.

George fell asleep in the car on the way, then finished his nap at home with no problems. After his nap he was totally normal. Amazing!

I was SO impressed with the Kaiser team. Everyone was competent and had great bedside manners. It was quick and efficient, no waiting around or confusion. The pharmacy was right downstairs so we didn’t have to make a special trip. All in all, it was a good experience (for surgery, anyway).

And the best part…George gets to feel and hear better!

Here he is in his little surgery outfit. So cute.




One response to “Ear Tubes!

  1. Chris says:

    Uncle Curt and George have more in common now! I so glad this is over – for y’all and George!

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