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Its hard to be a baby

Walking is hard!

on January 14, 2013

Below is documentation of George’s first walking related injury. He was heading for the coffee table and didn’t quite make it. Well, his chin made it. I was standing right there when he face hit with a horrible crack! He was unbelievably tough. He had a shiner on his chin and split his upper lip. But a bit of nursing and an icepack and he was good to go.

I was was very calm about it until that night. When I was trying to sleep I kept seeing his little head hit the table. I tossed and turned for this longest time! But, I better get used to it! 🙂




One response to “Walking is hard!

  1. Dobbs says:

    Remember: Scars are cool. Scars and tattoos.

    It just occurs to me that this is why I’m not cool at all. 🙂

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