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Sunshine Daycare

on January 10, 2013

On January 2nd, George started daycare for the first time at Sunshine Bilingual Family Daycare. Until that day, he was home with one of us, his grandparents or his nanny. My goal when George was born was to wait for daycare until he was at least 1-year-old–and we met it! George was 13 months. I also wanted him to be walking. And he walked on Jan 1st! Whew, that was close.

I feel so fortunate that our childcare situation has worked out so well over George’s life. Our closest friends use the same daycare, so we have tons of support. It feels like a community watching over him.

For example, when our friend Misty was dropping Laurelea off, he recognized her and started to fuss. She held him for 15 minutes until he was feeling better. When she left he was happily chowing down on waffles. Hearing that did my heart good. Hooray for great friends.

George on his first day:


I decided to wait until a week after he started to post about it on the blog because I wanted to have a more accurate picture of how he was doing. It has now been a week and we are definitely still in transition, but things are looking up.

Separation Anxiety: He didn’t really cry the first day at drop off, but now cries everyday when we start to take his jacket and shoes off. At first he cried on and off all morning. But now he is crying less and less everyday. By the time the afternoon rolls around, he is playing and acting normal. When I come to pick him up he gets overcome with emotion and cries or fusses. This has gotten better each day as well. He says MAMA UP very clearly when I come in the door. He also wants to nurse immediately. He hits me in the chest and cries when I put him in the carseat.

I am SO grateful that I am still nursing. When we get home, he nurses for 15-30 minutes and most of that is really ‘mommy time’ where we can connect, he can relax and he knows that he is home.

Eating: This is improving. Nubia was very concerned last week because he didn’t eat very much at meals. I anticipated this would be hard on our boy. He is used to long, leisurely meals where the focus is 100% on him. Now, there are 5 kids eating around him and lots of distractions. Also, the food is all different and new. Of course this is an adjustment, but a good one. He needs to be exposed to more food. On Tuesday, he made a big turn around and ate all his meals and snacks. Nubia was really pleased and so was I!

Sleeping: His little tired face has been the hardest thing on me. He was not napping there very much so by the time I would get him he would be so shockingly tired. I’m used to a very well rested boy who takes two 2-hour naps during the day. He was cranky. George doesn’t really DO cranky, so that been really hard to see. He went to bed at 6:30/7pm for the first few nights and sleep 12 hours straight. But again, on Tuesday (I think this is related to him having a full belly as well) he took TWO long naps!! He was himself all evening. Great to see this improvement.

Other notes: Cloth diapering at daycare is going well . They are awesome about it. I send clean ones in the morning and they send home dirty ones in a wet bag each night.

We drop him off at 7:45/8am, pick up at 3:45/4pm.

He takes a cup of whole milk with him to daycare but doesn’t really drink it.

He shares a cubby with Laurelea.

He sits in the middle seat at meal time. When I come to get him they are usually having snack. He is facing away from me at the table and the back of his round head looks JUST like Clay’s. Love it.


I’m keeping notes on all of this stuff to track his progress and will update again in a week or two!


2 responses to “Sunshine Daycare

  1. Misty says:

    Lots of hugs to George and both of you. I know this transition is tough on everyone. Hang in there, he is in really good hands.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Zoe has that same bookbag.

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