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First Steps/Walking

on January 7, 2013

On January 1 (exactly 13 months), George took his first solo steps without any encouragement from us. George had taken a few steps between Clay and I, but this was the first time he let go and walked on his own volition.  He walked about 4-5 steps between his new couch and his Rody. Apparently, Rody needed a hug and a kiss and walking was the best way to get it to him.

On January 3, he really took off and started walking the whole way across the room. So adorable. Clay and I kept him up too late watching him practice. It quite a feeling to see your little baby walk…I knew it was a big milestone, but it was more wonderful than I expected.

Of course I didn’t get pics of him actually walking…but you get the idea. I’m sure I will get pics and video soon! SONY DSC


One response to “First Steps/Walking

  1. Chris says:

    Playing the piano and adding sound effects from the left! Ahhh, another musician in the family! And walking! His world has opened up ooooh so much! I’ll see y’all soon!

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