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Its hard to be a baby

13 months!

on January 7, 2013

Our baby boy is 13 months! I can’t believe it!SONY DSC

Size: George is about 19 pounds now. He looks great and is wearing 12 month size clothing. We had a bit of a scare this past month where the doctor used the wrong growth chart and said that George was dropping in percentiles. She sent me a long email and refered us to a GI doctor and a nutritionist. I totally freaked out because in my gut I knew that G was okay…he has been in the 10th percentile since he was 6 months old. And she was fine with his weight at his 12 month appt, just days before.


I emailed her back and asked about the growth chart (referencing the WHO chart that should be used for breastfed babies). She quickly realized that she was wrong and even called me to apologize. George is actually a textbook breastfed baby. However, we still decided to use the nutritionist referral because he has some constipation issues. More on that visit below.


Sleep: George is now an amazing sleeper. He sleeps from 7:30pm to 6:30am at night. He very rarely wakes up in the middle of the night and if he does he can put himself back to sleep most of the time. Otherwise, one of us goes in and gives him a pat and then he goes back to sleep. He is still napping two naps per day about 2 hours a piece. He starts daycare this week, so we will see how this changes things in the sleep department!


Eating: My mom and I took George to the nutritionist appt. She recommended that George just eat what we are eating to get some more fat and fiber into his diet. We have implemented this and he is loving it. He is feeding himself more and doing really well with his little spoon that Santa put in his stocking (how did Santa know he needed a little spoon?). He loves cheese and bread. And peas of course! He eats 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.

Again, since he is starting at daycare he will be eating there for 2 meals and 2 snacks. I think this will be great for him because he will be getting variety and lots of new foods. I looked at their menu and I wish they were feeding me, too! Lots of fresh fruit and veg. Yum!


Nursing is still going very well. He nurses 4 times day right now, but that will drop to 3 since he will be at daycare for the early afternoon feeding. He will have whole milk with lunch instead. He will nurse in the morning, late afternoon and before bed starting today! Of course on the weekends, all bets are off and he can have as much as he wants!!


Temperament: Still sweet. He is getting his fake cry down pat, though. Want mommy’s phone? I can totally turn on the waterworks for that.  Someone not picking me up? Oh, I’m in deep emotional pain! It hilarious and annoying all at the same time!

George is not frightened easily, which is great. He did awesome with Santa, has no trouble with large dogs or other animals. He just goes with the flow. I was a scardy cat as a kid (my mom wearing a towel on her head? terrifying), so I’m glad that George is more like Clay in this area.


Milestones: George is doing amazing. He is walking and gaining confidence in that area. He still loves to push anything with wheels all over the place. He love to both throw and roll a ball back and forth. He is so interactive. He likes to help us dress him. He puts out his arms and legs. He even tries to put on his socks, which is adorable. He just kid of rubs the sock against his foot. Hilarious.

We have quite the little imitator on our hands. He likes to do anything we are doing–brushing teeth, brushing hair. He also imitates our vocal tones and often “talks” forecdfully into the phone. Not sure what that says about mommy! 🙂 He also knows just how to get our attention and “fakes” falling and coughing to get our reaction. He loves to turn pages in books and show me all the cool stuff on the next page. He talkes all about it, too. I wish I could understand the stories he tells, because they are clearly doozies!


He is still doing well with language, saying about 5 words. A lot of his words sound muffled, probably because his hearing is muffled. He doesn’t do ‘hard’ sounds well. So, “d” and “c” sounds come out as “gah” sounds. He says “gat” at the cat (I think) and seems to call Clay “gaga.” Maybe that will stick. Haha.

“Up” is still his best word. Although, he has started using it when he wants to do something else or when he wants to nurse. I’m trying to reinforce the correct words for these activities. But, he is correct–I have to pick him up to nurse him!!


Teeth: 2 new top molars in the past month. He now has 8 teeth total! There are 6 on the top and 2 on the bottom. 🙂


Hearing: George is experiencing moderate hearing loss because of the fluid in his ears. He will get tubes on Jan 16th to resolve the problem.


Clay and I are amazed at how lucky we are. We talk about it all the time. George is so easy-going, sweet and loving. We are grateful for every single day we have with him. Watching him grow and learn is the most wonderful experience of my life. And just look at this little butt! I mean, come on!



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