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Friday Favs: New Year’s Toddler Party

on January 4, 2013

Have I mentioned that I love our neighborhood?


We were invited to a New Year’s Party for the young and old at Meredith and Daniel’s house. Their son goes to George’s new daycare. Tons of kids were there and had a blast in the playroom. They had great food–including bagel bites, gold fish and juice boxes. Of course, there was adult food, too. But I’m a bagel bite/apple juice fanatic, so I stuck to the kid side of the table.


We toasted New Year’s eve in Iceland time (8pm) so we could get the babies off to bed. George even had some sparkling juice! He had so much fun and was so worn out! He crawled over to me at the end and just hung out on my lap. The best way to spend New Year’s in my opinion.



We got home about 8:20pm and put G down right away. Then Clay and I cuddled and watched some TV and Dick Clark. I went to bed early, but Clay came up and gave me a New Years kiss at midnight.

What a great start to 2013.



2 responses to “Friday Favs: New Year’s Toddler Party

  1. mary hays says:

    What great friends and great loving parents you all are to bring the New Year in with your children right by your side. I’m so glad George has such wonderful parents. I WILL HAVE GEORGE IN MY PRAYERS WHEN HE GETS HIS TUBES PUT IN. Let me know how he does. Dalton had to have them put in too! I know it will be hard for you both to watch him go through it, so I’ll be thinking about both of you. Kiss GW for me. ( thats what John Wayne was called when he was in the movie Maclintock……not sure if that’s the way it’s spelled) it stood for George Washington Maclintock. Ok enjoy your dear baby ………..Love , your Nan

  2. Chris says:

    When is the Tube date?

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